Why I am optimistic for the upcoming season

I preface this post by saying that i am not an overly optimistic person in general however I think there is real reason to be optimistic for the upcoming season. To explain my logic i will go to every position and explain why we should expect better production.

Cacher- Brian Mccan is the best cather in baseball period Last year at one point in the season his average was at .318. While i am not saying he will hit that well this year i think a reasonable expectation for this year is .300. He would have hit that had it not been for a freaky oblique injury on a late, hot and humid night.

First- Freddie Freeman i my favorite player in a braves uniform. In fact when i had to write an ode for my english class i composed an ode to freddie freeman. But anyway, Freeman hit .282 last year. I think that we can look for his average to be higher this year as he wont have to deal with an adjustment to the big leagues.

Second- Dan Uggla had one of the strangest seasons ever last year. This being said if he can produce anywhere near how he produced in the second half of last year he could easily hit .270 along with 40 4 baggers.

Short- This is the only position at which we may not improove but expect pastro to hit better that (he's) gonzo.

Third- Chipper is old, but chipper is chipper.

Left- Last year prado did not live up to his career all star numbers. As someone who has had 3 staph infections i can say that they really sap the energy out of you and i expect a staphless prado to return to all star form.

Center- A full year with the fastest man in baseball will improove this position.

Right- I truly believe that Heyward's season was ruined by his shoulder which is now healthy. Look for a monster year.

'pen- With vizciano and medlen joining oventbrel this pen will be just as dominant but deeper than last years.

Starters- If we can stay healthy we can again be among the leagues best.

Addition by subtraction.






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