We don't need no pity!


                It is official, they suffer from GD (Grandiose Delusions). How else can it be explained? They pity the organization and the fans...incredible! Let's check out the past/present and future of these organizations:

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies were established in 1883 and were trash for most of its existence. In 127 years the Phillies have only had two 100 win seasons (1976 & 1977). Hopefully they can get their third this year. They've had fourteen 100 loss seasons. They have no WC's which is okay. The Phillies organization has 12 division titles (the East is theirs this year), 7 pennants, and 2 championships (1980 vs KC and 2008 vs Tampa).

The Braves Organization

Started in Boston as the Red Caps back in 1876 (other club names were the Beaneaters, Doves, & Rustlers). Boston permanently became the Braves in 1912. They were pretty successful in Boston, great in Milwaukee, and you guys know how they are in Atlanta. The Franchise has seven 100 win seasons (1 as the Beaneaters in 1898 and the rest in Atlanta). The Braves have 1 WC from 2010 & 16 division titles (tied with Philly for 11 but we joined the East in 1994, what's up Philly?). The Red Caps won 2 Pennants (1877 & 1878), the Beaneaters won the NL Pennant 6 times and were champions in 1892 (defeated Cleveland). The Boston Braves won 2 pennants (1914 & 1948) and beat Mack's Athletics (Philadelphia's real team, the wrong team went to KC). Milwaukee's Braves won 2 NL pennants (57 & 58) and did something that the Phillies can't do...beat the Yankees in the WS (1957). Atlanta's Braves won 5 NL pennants and a WS in 95 against Cleveland.

Baseball Lore for Both Teams

 1914 Miracle Braves and the 91 Worst to First team.  (Braves)

Henry Aaron's 755 (Braves)

14 straight by the Team of the 90's (Braves)

The First Sports Team in the World to Lose 10,000 games (Phillies)

The 1961 Phillies losing 23 straight ballgames (Phillies)

Juan Perez's Immaculate Inning (Phillies)

If there's any pity, keep it, us Braves fans had the privilege of seeing 1) Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz enter into their primes together and toy with the East. 2) Hank Aaron 3) A HOF manager & GM 4)the 2nd place team 20 something games behind the Braves in 95, a Phillies team finish 29 GB in 96, Philly 33 GB in 97, Philly 31 GB in 98, Philly 26 GB in 99, Philly 30 GB in 2k. At least the Bravos can keep this somewhat close and not die like the Fightins.

The sad thing about it is that Phillies fans are pretty desperate and I understand. I mean, a long drought after a solid team occurs with the Phils and the clock is ticking. They're on some Halley's Comet ish. Overall, it's 4-2 Braves over Phillies and 2-1 Philadelphia over Atlanta regarding championships. In this current form of the NL East, they're tied and the Phillies want to catch up to the Marlins. Pity could be coming our way but I really don't understand it because it's a real possibility that they could join the 2001 Seattle Mariners (I'm rooting for that) and see more failure in a shorter time than the 90's Braves. Oh, another thing, Father Time's going to get his, so it's a good.

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