An Ideal Braves Off-Season


Okay Brave fans, yes we choked, but its not the end of the world, the odds were our depleted team wouldve been handled easily in first round even if we made it. Our team is very young and still has potential through the roofs. Now for an ideal braves offseason:

1st: Fire Larry Parrish: I'm sorry he's awful, I would say fire Fredi but I doubt it happens, so I don't think it would, I read the report this morning that Fredi and all his coaches are coming back and that saddens me, Parrish should be gone.

2nd: Do one of two options, either trade Lowe (which I doubt we can) or give him the KK treatment, its clear he's doing being a good pitcher and we have too many young players that are MLB ready to waste rotation spots on this overpaid vet.

3rd: Decide what to do at SS. We have more options then Just Gonzo, Maybe Wren can work out a trade or something.

4th: Trade for Carlos Quentin: I have read reports that in the offseason Quention would be very available, and a trade for him would be another power bat we need, because to be honest, Prado does NOT have the bat for LF, LF is for elite hitting and he isn't that, Prado is a plus bat at 2B or 3B, but even his plus isn't that good as a LF. I would for next year let Prado be super utility. You know as many Chipper is not going to play alot of games and injuries happen, Prado can be an amazing super utility playing 1b/2b/3b/lf/rf ! As for acquiring quentin, trading one of our young pitchers (not teheran hanson or viz) for him, probably whatever one the White Sox like.

5th: Be patient with the Jhey Kid: He just turned 22 folks, in my honest opinion they shouldve sent Heyward down when Constanza got hot and let him rebuild his confidence: With a full offseaon to re-define his self you know Heyward is going to be more hungrier then ever, they've talked about this kids big time work ethic and we'll see if its true next year. Don't give up on the kid yet, but if he doesnt hit good next year, we should become worried. 6th: Everything else is minor, maybe resign a reliever or 2,a bench player or whatever.

Lineup CF Bourn

RF/1B Heyward/Freeman

3B Chipper

LF Quentin

C McCann

2B Uggla

1B/RF Freeman/Heyward

SS Gonzo/Pastro/Trade

That will be a very much improved team, and whenever one needs a day off or is injured we have Prado and Hinske as insurance very good and after next year Prado takes over at 3b for Chipper and were set at all positions if we re-sign bourn.

What do you think Brave Fans?

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