Tomahawk Chops: Daily Atlanta Braves News Clippings For Thursday, September 15th

Braves Wild Card Magic Number
Odds Of Braves Making Playoffs
9 (-1 change)
96% (+0.5% change)

Your one-page daily morning overview of Atlanta Braves news:

Braves quotes after Wednesday win over Marlins | Atlanta Braves
Fredi Gonzalez: "Great game today. Nolasco just made one bad pitch. He kept us off-balance and he threw a pitch to Gonzo, who’s been smoking hot since we gave him those three days off in St. Louis. "Delgado kept us in the ballgame, then the bullpen … what did they give up, one hit the rest of the way? They covered four innings, and we put up a big number there in the seventh inning to get the series win, which is what we shoot for." [...] "We turned it over to O’Ventbrel and they did a helluva job. You’ve got to be happy with the pitching today."

Chipper ready to get out of No. 2 spot in lineup | News
"I understand why [Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez] is doing what he is doing with the lineup right now," Jones said. "He's trying to get the best on-base percentage guys at the top. But once guys who ordinarily hit at the top of the lineup start hitting again ... The bottom line is I'm not a table-setter. I'm not a guy who is going to go up and see six or seven pitches."

Medlen could return by season's end | News
When the Braves decided to shut down pitcher Kris Medlen for six weeks earlier this summer, it didn't appear as though the right-hander would be able to make it back in time to pitch this season. But Medlen -- who underwent Tommy John surgery last August -- has shown enough improvement in recent days that the Braves are thinking about giving him a chance to pitch in the season's final weeks after all. "I'm super excited," Medlen said. "[General manager] Frank [Wren] sat right next to me and told me what the plan is and I said, '[Heck] yeah, let's do this.'"

The Braves can win without Jurrjens, but not without Hanson | Mark Bradley
There’s a chance Jair Jurrjens has worked his last inning of 2011, and that doesn’t augur well for a team that stands to play beyond the 162nd game. But the Braves can win the Division Series without Jurrjens if — and this is a mammoth "if" — Tommy Hanson is OK.

Hanson takes another positive step forward | News
"My shoulder feels good," Hanson said. "Everything feels good. I feel really strong. I was probably throwing about 90 percent, and then toward the end, I started acting like I was facing a hitter [by] throwing hard. It felt really good."

Interleague inequities continue in 2012 -
The Royals have ex-Braves as general manager (Dayton Moore), manager (Ned Yost), and players (including Jeff Francoeur). The Braves have a club president (John Schuerholz) who first made his name as the Royals GM, and checks the schedule every year looking for a trip back to Kansas City. In 15 years of interleague play, the Braves have never been there. Make that 16, because they're not going there in 2012, either. But they will play home-and-home series with the Yankees.

Braves nominate Tim Hudson for Clemente Award | News
"Giving back and helping children is something that my wife, Kim, and I have enjoyed doing throughout most of my big league career," Hudson said. "We know how fortunate we are, and the importance of giving back. It feels good to be able to help kids and families who are going through things many of us could never truly understand."

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