A Case of the "Call-ups"

After reading this blog every morning to check out how the minor league affiliates did, I have started to formulate opinions on players and who should get called up or called down. Maybe it is me, but I feel like Atlanta has been quite in the promotions this year. Yes, we have seen many Gwinnett players called up to Atlanta and some big name prospects get their chance, but I feel that there are many who have been overlooked. After the jump I will post my Top 5 list of players who I think should be called up. Please post who you think should get called up as well.

 1. Andrelton Simmons

AVG:.300 HR:0 RBI:41 BB:21 SO:37 SB:18

I'll start off by saying that he is my prospect crush. I think he will be a dynamic player who stays in the field and out of the rotation.I love his cannon of an arm and his defense, although he has 23 errors on the year. Like most shortstops, you get most of your errors in the lower levels. I also attribute this to the Dan Uggla factor, Andrelton gets to more balls than a lot of shortstops will. I thought that once Pastornicky was called up, we would see a mass SS promotion with Andrelton going to Mississippi and Salcedo going to Lynchburg, but that has yet to materialize.

2. Brandon Drury

AVG:.330 HR:7 RBI:38 BB:3 SO:27 SB:3

I did not know who this kid was when the season started, but he has become a favorite quickly. I honestly don't know what is left for him to prove in Danville. He has shown some pop, but can't take a walk to save his life. I think his plate discipline will come with age and maturity. With him being only 18, he is a prospect to get excited about.

3. JJ Hoover

ERA: 2.48 BB:28 SO:86

I know that he has already been called up to Gwinnett briefly and didn't fare well, but that was as a starter. This time, give him a chance out of the pen. His numbers have been great in Mississippi.

4. Joey Terdoslavich

AVG:.281 HR:16 RBI:64 BB:35 SO:86

He has had a breakout year and I didn't expect so much power from him. With 16 HRs and 45 Doubles, he is having a fantastic year. He is 22, about to turn 23, so he needs to get called up to Mississippi to face better competition, more on par with his skill level.

5. William Beckwith

AVG:.289 HR:7 RBI:33 BB:21 SO:38 SB:7

Another name that I didn't know at the beginning of the year. He has been great at first base and has shown some solid strength at the plate. He has a bigger frame that he carries well. 7 stolen bases from your first baseman is pretty awesome.


Let me know if you agree with my Top 5 in the comment section and tell me who would be your Top 5.

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