Chipper Jones: A look at his top career numbers


-.304 Combined LH/RH AVG:

This is perhaps Chippers hallmark stat that you hear the most about as he ranks #2 all-time among switch hitters, Frankie Frisch comes in at #1 with a .316 clip.

-1,441 Base On Balls:

Chipper Jones is 23rd all-time at taking free passes. 59 more walks would make him the 18th guy to draw 1,500 walks.

-83.4 Offensive War:

Chipper is 26th all-time in this category. Derek Jeter is just ahead of Chipper at 25th all-time with an 84.5 mark. As Jeter’s career winds down and he gets older Chipper may pass him up as Chipper OWAR has stumbled as he has aged.

-.9354 OBP+SLUG:

This is good for 32nd all-time. Chipper was actually in 29th on June 21st 2010 now Shoeless Joe is #29 at .9401.

-168 IBB:

He cracked the top 30 with his last intentional walk. If he can get 4 more in his career that will move him into the top 25.

-1870 Runs Created:

At 29th all-time, Jones needs to create 3 more runs to tie Paul Molitor for 28th, 5 more to Tie George Brett.

-565 Adjusted Batting Runs:

30th all-time. He is one away from Edgar Martinez.

-52.7 Adjusted Batting Wins:

35th all-time. Babe Ruth has a ridiculous 129.9 and is #1.

-81.20 WAR Pos. Player:

He is 35th all-time, which is up 4 spots and 3.3 pts in the last 13 months. Jones is 2.4 away from Joe DiMaggio who is 34th.

-445 HR:

Interesting enough, Chipper is tied for 35th with another active player. He and Vladimir Guerrero are the owners of 445 bombs. Albert Pujols is the closest active player with 433. Even Andruw Jones at 34 years old is close, he has 414. Looks like Chipper will be locked in the 30ish range for awhile, for every non-active player he passes, he will get passed by an active guy (Konerko, Dunn, Pujols, and Ortiz etc).

-.5325 SLUGGING%:

Good for 46th all-time, Mel Ott in 45th at .5331. 13 months ago Chip was slugging .537, the -.0045 has cost him 6 spots, ouch!

-.403 OBP:

51st all-time, Jim Thome is 50th at .4034. Chipper was 45th late June of 2010.

-999 Extra Base Hits:

Chipper is just 1 extra base hit from the 1K milestone. Will we see it this Saturday against the Mets? It’s something to watch for. He is 34th all-time. It will take 16 more extra base hits to get to #29 and move out of the 30’s.

-1538 RBI:

Chipper needs 50 more RBIs to make it into the 30s, he is 44th all-time. One two run bomb will move him up two spots.

-4494 Total Bases:

Chipper has passed guys like Roberto Clemente, Fred McGriff, Mike Schmidt and Eddie Mathews this season, to name a few. He has leaped up to 43rd all-time; another big name is just 17 total bases out of reach, as Mickey Mantle holds the 42 spot with 4511.

-4025 Times on Base:

That is good for the 43rd spot. Thome, AROD and Jeter are the actives ahead of him.

-90 Sac. Flies:

That’s 56th all-time. One more Sac. Fly moves him into a tie for 51st, so a five spot jump with just one more! That ties him with Barry Bonds among others. Two more and he is in the top 50.

-516 Doubles:

Jones has moved up 22 spots since last June to take sole possession of the 42 spot. If he can get 10 more two baggers this season he will be tied with Dave Parker in 36th.

-1541 Runs Scored:

That’s 58th all-time. Chipper is just three away from tying Manny Ramirez and 38 away from cracking the top 50.

-141 Adjusted OPS+:

Not really sure what this adjusted+ part of the stat means, but he is 66th all-time and Babe Ruth is

#1.-9991 Plate Appearances:

Good for 79th all-time. He just got into the top 100 this season. With 109 more plate appearances he can become just the 73rd man to get to 10100 PA’s, Pete Rose had 15861, most all-time. Rose has nearly 2000 more than the next man on the list.

-2567 Hits:

This places him in sole possession of 85th all-time. There are only 5 active players ahead of him; Jeter and Damon are the only two that really get real PT, however. Vladimir Guerrero is the closest active player with 2528, and he is 36 years old. Chipper is 19 away from tying none other than Julio Franco for 80th.

-2,343 Games Played:

This is 95th all-time and another top 100 for Chipper achieved this season. Bobby Abreu is the next closest active player with 2209, he is 39 years old.

-1331 Strikeouts:

When you have played as many games, and had as many at-bats, you are likely to land in this top 100 as well. Chipper is 97th.

-8440 At-Bats:

He just squeaked into the top 100 at, well, 100th all-time. The next closest active player is Miguel Tejada with 8258, Tejada is 37 years old.

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