Atlanta Braves News & Notes: McLouth Has Sports Hernia, Chipper Out Again, Brian McCann Update

Quite a few noteworthy announcements out of Braves Country this afternoon as the team prepares for the Mets. Let's take a look at them:

Nate McLouth undergoes sports hernia surgery, out 4-6 weeks

The Nate McLouth Era in Atlanta is probably over. It's bittersweet, seeing as he really had a few stretches since coming over in '09 where he was the hitter we all expected him to be. Unfortunately, Nasty Nate just couldn't stay healthy for an entire season and his image was never able to recover after his horrid slump to start last season.

There is still a chance he could see some time the last few weeks of the season, but he will have to get in shape and play at least a week's worth of rehab games before coming back. Even if it's only a 4-week recovery, it's tough to see him getting more than a few at-bats this season. He is still eligible for the playoffs, though.

Chipper Jones out again

He's getting close and he'll likely be good to go by Saturday. His groin is still bothering him despite being able to take batting practice it sounds like the Braves want him to be as close to 100% as he can be before making a return.

Updated from Mark Bowman just a few moments ago:

Chipper felt good today. He will return to the lineup tomorrow and rest Sunday.

This is getting old. Miss essentially a month, play a game and then rest again? Come on, Chipper.

More after the jump, including tonight's lineup...

Brian McCann recovering well

Brian McCann is set to come off the 15-day disabled list next Thursday and he wants and expects to come off that day assuming his oblique holds up after a few rounds of batting practice and a rehab game or two. He is set to start doing a few more drills this weekend -- including potentially taking BP on Sunday -- and then he'll attempt to get ready for the Cubs series starting Friday, August 12. 

We need Mac in our lineup like Alex Rodriguez needs a deck of cards in his pocket, but it's crucial for him to be completely healed before making a return. We don't want to risk re-injuring that oblique.

Tonight's lineup:

Jose Constanza continues to get at-bats, which he probably should seeing as he's been on fire since coming to Atlanta. Jason Heyward is back in the lineup. Thank God.

Bourn - CF (it makes me so happy to type that. you should try it.)
Prado - 3B
Freeman - 1B
Uggla - 2B
Heyward - RF
Ross - C
Gonzalez - SS
Hudson - P
Constanza - LF

Let's all hope the Braves can beat Dickey tonight.

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