Looking ahead to 2012

This team has been amazing this year and the great news is that most of this team is signed for next year.

Catcher:  McCann $8.5M, 

First Base:  Freeman $400K

Second: Uggla $13M

Third: Jones $13M

Short Stop: Open

Left Field: Prado Arb. made $3.1M this year probably $5-6M next year

Center Field: Bourn Arb. made $4.4M this year probably $6-7M next year

Right Field: Heyward $400K

Starting Pitchers:

Hudson $9M

Hanson $500K

Jurrjens Arb. made $3.25M probably $5.5-6.5M this year

Lowe $15M

Beachy $400K


Kimbrel $400K

Venters $400K

O'Flaherty Arb. made $895K this year probably $1-1.25M

Vizcaino $400K

Moylan Arb. made $2M this year probably won't make much more next year

Martinez $400K

7th spot Open


Ross $1.625M

Hinske $1.5M

Constanza $400K

Conrad $400K

5th bench spot Open

Total $88.475M

There are 3 spots on this 25 man that would need to be filled: SS, RP, and Bench spot.

Best case scenario is we find a team that will take at least half of Lowe's remaining salary.  At this point I think we could be safe trading Jurrjens also.  I know he's a good young pitcher but we have 4 guys in the minors that are ready and Jurrjens is going to leverage this season into a big gain in arb.  He made $3.25M this year and would not at all be surprised if he was able to double it next year.  We could probably move Jurrjens for a 3B prospect or a good corner outfield prospect.

I think resigning Gonzalez is the way to go at SS.  He's a solid defender and has his moments on offense.  This years FA class at SS really isn't very good.  The only guy right now set to be a FA that's under 30 years old is Jose Reyes.

My plan for the offseason would be to resign Gonzalez for $3M.  He only made $2.5M this year so it would be a raise and since he'll turn 35 before next season he has to know that there won't be a long term deal around.

I would then move and sign Infante.  He can play 2B, SS, 3B and OF for short periods and was a fan favorite.  He's not having a good year so a big contract is out of the question.  I think 2 years $7M is fair.

I would then see if Sherrill would sign for $1.5M next year.  He has been pretty good adds a veteran presence to a young bullpen.  If he would sign for that then we would need to find a guy who has a proven healthy record and doesn't mind middle relief.

I firmly believe that one or both of Jurrjens and Lowe will be traded.  As much as $20M could come off the books and maybe allow us to spend a little more in extending players.  Right now priority for extensions would be Prado, McCann, Hanson, Bourn.

I know its early to look ahead but thanks for reading.

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