Tomahawk Chops: Daily Atlanta Braves News Clippings For Wednesday, August 17th

Don't forget the amazing performance of this 21-year-old pitcher.

Your one-page daily morning overview of Atlanta Braves news:

Prado searching for consistency | Atlanta Braves
When you’re Martin Prado and you’re hitting .275 on the season, you’re feeling for it. The career .307 hitter expects big things from himself, which means when he’s struggling to find consistency, he’ll go so far as to say: "When you’re lost, you’re lost."

Jones hits sixth in order for first time since 1997  |
"You’ve got a couple guys in the lineup that are swinging it real good, and you want to keep them up there," said Jones, who returned to the lineup Tuesday after missing a game with a sore left knee. "And I get it. ... We’ve got to go with what’s working."

Constanza's speed adds dimension to Braves | News
"He's utilizing his ability," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "He's a guy who can run. He's putting the ball in play and making guys make plays. You like to see that and that's what he is doing."

Fredi at peace with calls he makes for Braves | News
When Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez allowed Tim Hudson to hit with one out and runners at the corners while facing a one-run, sixth-inning deficit Monday night, he was not concerned if anyone might second guess his decision. Instead, Gonzalez was more concerned about how he would align his bullpen for the remainder of the evening and again Tuesday night, when Randall Delgado would make just his second career start. Along with being concerned about his bullpen's workload, he was confident in Hudson's ability to put down a successful bunt or at least put the ball in play in a productive manner.

Freeman’s impact comparable to Heyward’s in 2010 | Atlanta Braves
Say what you will about Jason Heyward’s disappointing second season, but one can’t help but admire how he’s handled his recent part-time status. He’s not pouted or complained, and he’s continued to be the biggest – literaelly and figuratively – cheerleader for other Braves including his good pal Freddie Freeman.

Braves' Craig Kimbrel has mentality to be great closer | News
As they were preparing to introduce Craig Kimbrel to his first Major League Spring Training in 2010, members of the Braves organization were referring to him as "the right-handed Billy Wagner."

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