A Brave New World for Mr. Bourn Pt. 1

The setting is at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Mr. Michael Bourn was hanging around the airport lounge waiting for his new team, the Atlanta Braves. Michael was traded from his hometown team, the Houston Astros to the Braves. He was texting friends and family back and forth, talking about the move. He was watching the Braves-Marlins game at the lounge, getting a fan perspective of his new club. The Braves were losing 3-1. Meanwhile, an Atlantan noticed Michael.

Man: Hey, you're that kid we got for!

Bourn: Yeah, Michael Bourn. (They both shake hands.)

Man: Yeah! Hey man.. you're gonna do some wonders for my club. I'm sure you'll fit right in.

Bourn: I hope so. 

(Michael turned his focus from the man to the TV, where the game was in progress. Chipper Jones just struck out, ending the 6th inning & leaving runners at 3rd and 1st. The people watching the game, except Bourn, moaned in frustration)

Man: Shit! See, that's why we brought ya to Atlanta Michael. To carry the offense.

Bourn: I doubt that. I've watched couple of their games.. their offense seems to be fine. I'm here to help.

(The PA announcer comes up and says that a flight to Washington is now boarding.)

Man: My flight! Aren't you supposed to head to Washington?

Bourn: Yeah, but I'm waiting for the team and we'll leave together to DC.

Man: Well Mr. Bourn, good luck to you and help us go to the World Series.

Bourn: Call me Michael and it's going to be a 25-man effort. I'll do my hardest to make a good effort.

Man: Nice to meet you Michael.

Bourn: Likewise.

Michael looks at one of the man's luggage when he was leaving. There was a patch of the 1995 World Series logo, the last time the Braves won the Fall Classic. There was a button of the old Milwaukee Braves logo. Michael texts his mother saying, "ATL fans seem nice, I like it here!" A hour or two has past. The Braves lost the game 3-1 to the Marlins & not earning the sweep and the Braves were next heading to Washington.

Another hour has past and Michael amazingly is still active after long hours at the airport. Suddenly Michael feels a tap.

Man #2: Michael?

(Michael turns around & it's Fredi Gonzalez, the manager of the Atlanta Braves. There were players beside him.. there was O'Ventbrel.. the trio of Jonny Venters, Eric O'Flaherty, and Craig Kimbrel.. there was Peter Moylan and David Ross.. and from the distance, there was the rest of the team.

Fredi: Michael, how was your stay?

Bourn: Pretty boring. (He chuckles.)

Fredi: Should've gone to a hotel. You must be tired.

Bourn: Ah, it's alright. Met and talked to people. I like this city already.

(The players behind Fredi nod and smile at their new teammate.. well Moylan was giving a creepy smile and Michael chuckled.. sensing that he was fitting right in already.)

Fredi: I'm glad. Got your stuff?

Bourn: Yeah, I'm set.

Fredi: Well let's get a move on.


Fredi and Michael were walking and talking, heading to their plane. Behind them were Michael's teammates, doing their own thing. Michael's world has surely changed from all of this but he knows that changes always comes out good in the end.. this is a brave new world for Mr. Bourn..

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