5 deadline winners and losers

Now that the trade deadline has passed I'd like to pick the 5 teams that did something good and the 5 teams that did something bad at the deadline.


5.  Indians.  While they gave up a lot for Jimenez, giving up pitchers Alex White (2), Joseph Gardner (7), Drew Pomeranz (4), and UT Matt McBride.  They also got a guy who can be a very dominant ace of your staff who's signed for 2012 at $4.2M and has option for 2013 at $5.75M and 2014 at $8M.  If he returns to last years form he's very cheap.

4.  Blue Jays.  They got Colby Rasmus, INF Mark Teahen, and pitchers Brian Tallet, Trever Miller, and P.J. Walters.  Mostly they gave up Jason Frasor and Octavio Dotel.  They got a young controllable CF for 2 relief pitchers.

3.  Phillies.  They needed a right handed corner outfielder and went out and got the best available player that fit that need.  They did buy on Pence during a little bit of an above average year but he is controllable 2012 and 2013 as an arb. eligible player.  While the prospects they gave up weren't high on the overall list they did once again gut their own system.  Singleton was their number 2 prospect and while he just 19 at A+ he does have high potential.  Same goes for Cosart who's 21 at A+ and their number 4 prospect.  Zeid the other player in the deal is 24 and struggling at AA.

2.  Braves.  They held onto their top 4 pitching prospects and still got the player that fits this team the best.  Bourn takes care of the 3 biggest needs; lack of speed, no true leadoff hitter, and great defensive CF.  They gave up 4 guys who may never be anything more than good role players.  Schafer is a great defensive CF but the bat may never allow him to be an everyday player.  Oberholtzer (7), Clemens (10), and Abreu (23) are good players but only Oberholtzer figues to be a starter at the majors and even then just a back end guy.

1.  Rangers.  They already have a great offense and a pretty good starting rotation but the one hole has been backend of the bullpen.  First they went and got Uehara for pitcher Tommy Hunter and INF Chris Davis.  Neither of these guys are prospects.  Hunter can be a decent starting pitcher and is only 25.  Davis also 25 has great power but can't get on base enough to be an everyday player.  They weren't done though.  They then went and got Mike Adams from the Padres.  Giving up Robbie Erlin (3) and Joe Wieland (19).  Erlin is the real deal just 20 at AA.  Wieland 21 has dominated A+ and now AA.  They gave up a lot but from the 7th inning on they became really hard to beat.


5.  Royals.  They are very far out of contention and had some pieces that could have made them better for the long haul.  Instead they make 1 trade that sends Mike Aviles to Boston for Yamaico Navarro (15) and Kendal Volz (UR).  Navarro should be a good utility player, but he's 23 and really hasn't shown he can hit that well so he'll be nothing more than a backup.  Volz is also 23 and an alright relief pitcher at A+.  Aviles is nothing special but he does put bat on ball and can play a couple positions. 

4.  Astros.  They gave up 2 very good players and got 2 high ceiling guys (Singleton and Cosart) who are probably 2 years away and 3 lower ceiling guys (Oberholtzer, Clemens, and Abreu) who could be up next year.  They failed to get even Minor out of the Bourn deal.  This could change if Schafer shows he can hit or if Singleton lives up to the potential.

3.  Reds.  Whether they want to admit it or not they are out of it, 6.5 games back with 3 teams in front of them.  So what did they do at the deadline, nothing.  They didn't sell and they didn't buy.  Buying here would have been really dumb but not selling a couple expendable pieces isn't smart.  With all the teams needing a catcher and Ramon Hernandez having a solid year and expendable with his replacement at AAA they deserve a bad rating. 

2.  Angels.  They pulled within 2 games of Texas who greatly improved and could have went out and got a piece that maybe pushes them.  Instead they decided to nap through the deadline.  When your 2 games back and have holes that could be filled you need to do something.  They could have used a backend starter, another bullpen arm or an OF.  All were available and Angels did nothing.

1.  Yankees.  They have needed a SP since last off season and all they have done is bring in Garcia and Colon.  Both have pitched well but they are ifs in the playoffs.  The Yankees should still make the playoffs but after Sabathia their rotation is not good.  There were plenty of SP available and money shouldn't have been and issue for them.  They got cheap with the Astros and only wanting to pay $21M of his remaining $38M.  There's still August but by standing pat they are telling their offense to score 6 runs when Sabathia isn't pitching.

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