Minor League Recap


All Braves affiliates won today. Oriel of the DSL Braves pitched an absoulte gem today. Pastornicky continue to dominate AAA, Laam picked up his first win as a Brave, and Larsson continues to heat up.

Gwinnett 5
Durham 0

W: Flande (7-5) 6.2 IP, 3H, 2BB, 8K
T. Pastornicky 1-3 2B, R, E(3) .439
Fiorenti 1-3 HR, 3RBI

Flande pitched great today while Pastornicky and Fiorenti carried the Braves offense to the win. Tyler is still showing that he belongs in AAA, however he committed his third error on a missed catch.

Mississippi 5
Mobile 4

W: Oberholtzer (9-9) 6.0IP, 6H, 4R(3ER), 2BB, 6K 3.74

Mejia 2-3 2RBI
M. Jones 1-4 2B, 2K .237

Oberholtzer picked up the win for Mississippi as they were finally able to beat the Bears today. Mejia contiues to provide that veteran prescences the Braves hoped for, raisinfg his average to .302 and driving in 2 Runs

Lynchburg 8
Salem 7

W: Lamm (1-0)
Masters 5.0IP 3H, R, 4BB, 2K 3.17

Gooselin 3-5 2R, 3RBI(54)
Terdoslavich DH 2-4 2B(38) HR(14) 3RBI(54)

J. Terd continues to improve, raking out his 52 XBH on the year. Him and Gooselin are now tied for 5th in the league in RBIs. Laam picked up his first win

Rome 6
Lexington 2

Brewer 6.0IP 3H, 2R(1ER) 4BB, 9K
Lipka 2-5
Rohm 2-5 2RBI(46)
Weaver 3-5 2RBI

Lipka finally picked up a multihit game in it seems like forever. He continues to have his up and downs on the season. Brewer pitched decently and picked up the win while Rohm and Weaver carried the offense.

Danville 5
Elizabethon 4 10 innings

Ahmed SS, 2-5(.265)
Beckwith 2-5,(.294)
Munson 2-4 HR RBI
Larsson 2-3 HR(5) 10th in 2R 2RBI BB

Larson hit a HR in the top of the 10th inning that proved to be the game winner as Danville comes out on top. And Beckwith continues to dominate, as usual.

DSL Braves 4
DSL Blue Jays 0

W: Oriel L (3-1) 6.0IP H, BB, 9K
Peraza SS, 2-4 (.284)

Not much going on in this one. Peraza continues to impress. Looks lik ehe might be a legit SS candidate.

GCL Braves 6
GCL Pirates 5
G. Reyes 2-5

Well, This is all I can find on the GCL Braves. Average game. No one really stood out

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