Why The Braves Don't Need BJ Upton

Sure, BJ has always been an interesting player. A talented guy with all the tools, but never completely tapped into his potential. With the Rays calling up Desmond Jennings, Upton is likely on the move, and apparently they're not asking for much. But he's also one of the most overrated players in the league.

Yes, he's a righty bat that can play all three OF spots. Yes, he hits dingerz. But look at this comparison first:

Player A
2011: .229/.310/.395, 10.4% BB-rate, 24.9% K-rate (15 HR, 23 SB)
Career: .256/.341/.411, 11.1% BB-rate, 24.7% K-rate

Player B
2011: .223/.342/.336, 14.0% BB-rate, 15.7% K-rate (4 HR, 3 SB)
Career: .249/.337/.427, 10.1% BB-rate, 17.0% K-rate

Player C
.236/.301/.314, 8.4% BB-rate, 18.7% K-rate (1 HR, 15 SB)
Career: .221/.307/.302, 11.0% BB-rate, 25.2% K-rate

A=Upton, B=McLouth, C=Schafer (as if you couldn't figure it out)

So if the Braves were to trade for BJ, they'd essentially be getting a Jordan Schafer with power that strikes out more.
While Upton's fielding has been great over the past three years (ranks 4th in UZR at CF) Schafer is basically a same-caliber defender.

Is that really worth a couple of prospects? His salary this year is just under $5MM, and he'll be arb-eligible in 2012.
In addition, he's not known to be a good clubhouse guy. The last thing you want is to trade for a Yunel in the middle of a playoff race and have him poison your clubhouse.

Finally, here is a quick glance at how the Braves rank in a few NL batting categories:

AVG: 14th
OBP: 14th
SLG: 8th

HR: 3rd (just one behind first place)
Walks: 7th
Strikeouts: 4th
SB: 14th
(somehow more than the Cardinals/Cubs)

Looking at all of this, do you guys really think the Braves need a guy who hits HRs but doesn't get on base?
Do we need to give up prospects to get a glorified Schafer with (bigger) attitude issues? I think it's pretty obvious.

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