Tomahawk Chops: Daily Atlanta Braves News Clippings For Monday, July 18th

I LOL'ed when I saw this picture. Check out the devious look on Peter Moylan's face as he's about to douse the mob with water.

Your one-page daily morning overview of Atlanta Braves news:

Postgame quotes following Braves walkoff win over Nats on Sunday | Atlanta Braves
Freddie Freeman, on difference between him in April and now: "It’s just more at-bats. I’m more comfortable playing every day. I’ve seen more pitches. I’m starting to see the same [pitchers] over and over again. I figured out a game plan and starting going up the middle instead of trying to pull everything."

Prado pleased with progression since returning | News
"It's going to take a couple games," he said. "Against Livan, I got more chances because he doesn't throw that hard. My timing is so messed up."

Jonny Venters eager to get back to work | Atlanta Braves
"There is definitely a point where you get too much rest and then you get out there in the game and your timing is off a little bit or you are not as locked in as you want to be," Venters said before Sunday’s series-finale against the Nationals. "You get off a few days, but then you want to start trying to get us in there."

Gearrin happy to have rough outing in the past | News
Gearrin said the All-Star break helped him forget about his outing at Citizens Bank Park, as he returned home to visit family in Chattanooga, Tenn., during the time off. "It was nice having the All-Star Break to kind of be able to get away," he said. "Having an outing like that, you want to flush it. ... I was definitely excited to get back to the field and show them I was ready to go again, and get the second half started the right way."

Lowe acknowledges trade possibility | Atlanta Braves
Derek Lowe was convinced the Braves were about to trade him two winters ago, and it didn’t happen. The Braves traded Javier Vazquez instead. Now that his name has resurfaced in trade speculation, he’s not as fazed. Lowe had a little fun with a Saturday report that his native Detroit Tigers had expressed interested in trading for him. "Detroit," said Lowe, the Dearborn, MI native, he announced to teammates when he arrived in the Braves clubhouse, drawing some mock applause. "Hey, I’m going to the American League."

Braves looking to improve bullpen and bench " Bowman's Blog
An American League scout proved more specific Friday when he said, "They’re looking for a right-handed hitter who can play each of the outfield positions." While the Braves might not necessarily find the versatile outfielder they are seeking, they would seemingly be satisfied to strengthen their bench with the right-handed equivalent of Eric Hinske. This would provide manager Fredi Gonzalez at least another option to combat situations when opponents can attempt to take advantage of the heavy left-handed presence in the Braves’ lineup.

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