Atlanta Braves 2011 MLB Draft: Rounds 31-40

We'll call this the baseball lineage round for the Braves. They dropped one name in the 19th round when they chose Brian Sniker's son, but this round of ten is littered with kids who are related to baseball people. A few interesting pitchers in here, and a couple of athletes that will be hard to sign.

Jackson Laumann, 1B - Round 31
Jackson is the son of the White Sox scouting director Doug Laumann, and the top prep hitter in Kentucky. He is a plus power hitter, but is committed to the University of Cincinnati, and unlikely to sign.

Matt Kimbrel, RHP - Round 32
Most notably, Matt is the brother of Braves closer Craig Kimbrel. Matt is in his second year at Shelton State in Alabama, but unranked among the state's top prospects. Matt is also a reliever, though doesn't seem to have the raw tools that Craig does.

Nick Popescu, 3B - Round 33
A senior third baseman at Texas Tech, his dad was once drafted by the White Sox. He's a light hitting, somewhat speedy player with no stand out tool.

Chris Bullard, OF - Round 34
A senior linebacker on the football team and DH on the baseball team at Western Kentucky, this short and stout hitter has plus power when he makes contact.

Michael Hashem, LHP - Round 35
He becomes the first ever player drafted from Fisher College in Massachusetts. A big lefty starter, he needs to pitch more, and the Braves will probably make him a summer follow when he goes to the Futures Collegiate League.

Gardner Adams, RHP - Round 36
A small right-hander out of Asbury College in Kentucky. He hides the ball well in his delivery and has the ability to miss bats and strike people out (92 in 65.2 IP this year). @GAsbury32

Ryne Harper, RHP - Round 37
The senior closer for Austin Peay. At 6'3" he's got decent size and has shown the ability to strike people out. @ryneharp

Nathan Williams,  RHP - Round 38
A 6'4" high school pitcher from Kansas, who seems to be still growing and filling out. Not sure why the Braves would select a high school arm this low.

Daniel Arellano, OF - Round 39
Another high school kid, this time from California.

Jacoby Almaraz, 3B - Round 40
A toosly shortstop/third baseman from Cali, he's currently in his first year at San Jacito Junior College. He was drafted last year in the 28th round by the Padres, and seems like he came close to signing. The son of current Cardinals scout Joe Almaraz, who is also a former minor league manager. He is also the nephew of current Braves Director of International Scouting, Johnny Almaraz. Jacob will probably return for another year at San Jac.

The rest of the review for the Braves draft picks will be up later.

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