Atlanta Braves 2011 MLB Draft: Rounds 21-30

The Atlanta Braves 2011 MLB Draft day two scouting reports continue with picks 21 through 30. The Braves seem to be selecting more players from the South, though not really from Georgia.

Jarett Miller, RHP - Round 21
A junior reliever at UNC Greensboro, Miller didn't put up flashy numbers. But he was impressive in the New England Collegiate Baseball League last year, flashing a low-90s fastball and a "legitimate 12-to-6 curve." He still has room to fill out and add velocity, and he needs to improve his control, but he could be another good relief arm that could develop well in the Braves system if he signs.

Clint Wright, RHP - Round 22
Described as "jumbo-sized," at 6-foot-7, 240 pounds, Wright projects as a reliever with average fastball velocity. Though with a frame that is "jumbo-sized" one has to wonder if there is any more giddy-up in that arm.

Sam Munson, OF - Round 23
Another athletic player drafted by the Braves. He excelled in the Southern Collegiate League last summer, showing decent power and good speed.

Brian Stamps, OF - Round 24
This Oregon State center fielder is known for doing Ozzie Smith-like back flips when he takes the field in the first inning. He posses raw but electric speed in an athletic body. Already a plus defender, his bat is a work in progress. He's the kind of player who could really benefit from a good development system like Atlanta's. @b_stamps4

Will Skinner, OF - Round 25
A senior outfielder from Middle Tennessee State, who showed good power this year in the Sun Belt conference, and last year during summer ball. He's small for a power hitter, so it will be interesting to see if that translates to wood bats. He could be more of a Cory Harrlichak type hitter as a pro. @WillSkinner12

Kirk Walker, SS - Round 26
Another all-around good athletic baseball player selected by Atlanta. He was the NAIA Player of the Year as a senior at Oklahoma City University. He profiles in the pros as a light power, high average hitter.

Charlie Robertson, RHP - Round 27
He was drafted in the 29th round in 2008 out of high school by Texas, and hasn't moved up much. He is another college closer, though his stats don't seem to be that dominating, and indicate some control problems. He may be a summer follow, and could choose to return to Fresno State for his senior year.

Matt Talley, LHP - Round 28
He was drafted last year in the 25th round by Arizona, but chose to return to school and complete his degree. On the surface his stats in his senior season at the Citadel don't look too impressive, but the tall 6'6" left-hander is a notorious slow starter, and a self-described warm weather pitcher. He should enjoy Danville.

Chad Comer, C - Round 29
Known as a good receiver and adept at throwing out runners, Comer is a fifth-year senior out of UT-Arlington. He doesn't seem to be much more than a good catch and throw guy, but he is a true leader on the field and a good player to have in the clubhouse. With all the college pitchers being drafted, experienced collegiate catchers are good to have around. @ccomer16

Jonathan Youngblood, OF - Round 30
I can't find out much about this high school center fielder, but that will happen as you start to get down in this area of the draft.

The draft resumes on Wednesday at noon.

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