Braves At Mets Series Recap: Beaten In The Big Apple

The Mets had plenty of reasons to dance as they took two of three games from Atlanta.

The Braves struggled against San Diego during the week, and struggled again this past weekend as they lost two of three to the Mets. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good:

Freddie Freeman:
The rookie kept up his hot hitting, going 5-13 with 3 doubles and 2 RBI's.

Chipper Jones on Friday:
This is all about the home run. Chipper always performs well in New York, and his monster home run into the club level seats was evidence of that.

Eric Hinske:
Hinske's ninth inning homer on Friday night gave the Braves a 4-3 lead as they went on to win 6-3.

Diory Hernandez:
Yes, a rare Diory Hernandez mention. Hernandez was used as a pinch hitter twice in the series, and went 2-2 including a three-run homer in the ninth inning of Sunday's game.

The bad and the ugly after the jump.

The Bad:

Alex Gonzalez:
Used in the two spot of the lineup on Saturday and Sunday, Gonzalez went 1-8 in that span and also committed a key error in game two of the series that cost the Braves.

Tim Hudson:
Hudson struggled mightily in the third game of the series, lasting only four innings and giving up seven hits along with five runs (all earned).

Daniel Murphy:
Murphy quietly was a thorn in the Braves side throughout the series, going 6-11 with an RBI.

Dan Uggla:
Uggla's struggles continued in this series, as he went 1-9 at the plate and was even double switched out of game three of the series for Brooks Conrad.

The Ugly:

Jose Reyes:
Reyes has been hot at the plate all season long, and he killed the Braves all weekend. For the series, he went 5-12 with 4 RBI's, two triples, and a double. 

Jordan Schafer's injury:
This was scary to watch. Schafer squared to bunt in game one of the series, and the ball deflected off the bat into Schafer's face. He immediately fell to the ground in pain. He was diagnosed with a fractured sinus and missed Saturday's game. It was good to see him return for the series finale.

Scott Proctor:
Proctor was brought into game two of the series to face Jose Reyes with the bases loaded and one out. Proctor gave up a bases clearing triple to Reyes, and also allowed a sacrifice fly to score a fourth run off of him.

Fredi Gonzalez:
I'm not one to criticize the manager from my couch unless it's necessary, and I find it to be necessary in this instance. Gonzalez made some questionable decisions throughout the series, including hitting Alex Gonzalez and his now .300 on-base average in the two spot of the lineup, deciding to attempt to hit and run with Alex Gonzalez at the plate, and bringing in Scott Proctor in to face Reyes. Proctor is the worst reliever in the bullpen, and bringing him in in a high leverage situation with Eric O' Flaherty and Jonny Venters still in the bullpen makes absolutely no sense. Manager's take a lot of unfair criticism these days, but Gonzalez deserves it after these decisions.

Up Next:

The Braves are off today as the travel to Florida to face the Marlins starting Tuesday.

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