In defense of Sabean and Why hasn't MLB come down on Scott Cousins

Most of you are already aware of Giants GM Brian Sabean's recent comments regarding Scott Cousins.  While his timing may not be the best considering the incident happened several days ago, Sabean is absolutely right

Scott Cousins needs a few fastballs to the face.  His hit was completely malicious.

If it's within the rules to make no attempt to slide towards the wide open half of the plate, than it is also well within the rules for a pitcher to be sporadically wild the next time Cousins comes to the plate.

I've seen first baseman block more of the plate that Buster did. 

Posey left the entire left side of the plate wide open (from the viewpoint of standing behind the plate) and Cousins dived towards the opposite batters box to take Posey out.  If Cousins would have hit Posey on his left side (the side that was blocking the plate) the play would have been legit.  But Cousins hit Posey on his right side which was no where near the plate.

The replay is pretty obvious.  Cousins is coming down the outside of the third base line and has he approaches the plate he crosses over the baseline and into the field of play.  When he lunges/dives, he makes contact with Posey in front of the batter's box and of course in front of home plate.

Some video replay to consider:

I think the MLB should suspend Cousins for 3+ games and drop a hefty fine (since suspending a bench player isn't really a penalty).  If the MLB would suspend and fine a pitcher for purposely throwing at or behind a batter for crowding the plate, when the picther had plenty of room to throw the ball over the plate.  Why not suspend and fine a base runner for taking out a catcher who is crowding the pate when there is plenty of room to still slide over the plate.

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