Tomahawk Chops: Daily Atlanta Braves Clippings For Thursday, June 23rd

Your one-page daily morning overview of Atlanta Braves news:

Braves postgame quotes following Wednesday’s win over Toronto | Atlanta Braves
Chipper Jones on Brandon Beachy: "He’s got swing-and-miss ability, especially against someone that hasn’t seen him before. I really, really like this kid to continue to be successful for years to come. He’s got great stuff. He locates, which makes me so happy to see a young kid locate three or four pitches."

Hanson eyeing return on Tuesday | News
"I didn't throw them all at 90 percent, but some of them I threw 90 percent," Hanson said. "I let them go a little bit. I wasn't holding back or babying it. I was testing it out. If I'm going to pitch next Tuesday, I've got to kind of let it go right now and see how it feels."

Gonzalez wants Uggla to focus on the present | Atlanta Braves
Dan Uggla: "Everybody wants to get their numbers every year and have good years, but I’m past that point. I want to win championships and we’ve got what it takes to make that happen in this clubhouse."

Medlen is throwing off mound again | Atlanta Braves
"It’s the last hurdle for everybody who goes through this," Medlen said. "You know your arm is strong. You know it’s sturdy and ready to go, it’s just the mental part. It’s that whole release of being able to let it go. I can feel myself, once I’m trying to throw it as hard as I can, my body is like ‘oh,’ and I guide it through.

Kimbrel leaves impression on Bautista | News
"Believe me, that guy has some electric stuff," Bautista said Wednesday, prior to the Braves' 5-1 win. "[He's] deceptive. I felt like I couldn't even see his arm. His arm action is quick. It felt like the ball came out of a wall, like a cannon. It was from there to boom, right on top of you. It's nasty, that's all I can say about that guy."

Brian McCann: A great player who's an even better teammate | Mark Bradley
There are great players who aren’t necessarily good teammates. (Barry Bonds comes to mind.) Brian McCann is a great player who’s an even better teammate. Ask Chipper Jones, the finest everyday Brave of the past 20 years, to name the best Brave he has played alongside, and the answer comes without hesitation. "He’s my favorite," said Jones, meaning McCann.

East Longmeadow native, former UConn shortstop Nick Ahmed signs with Atlanta Braves |
"There's no doubt he'll be hardest worker on that team," said Kevin Magee, who coached Ahmed at East Longmeadow. "Nick deserves everything coming to him.

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