Ranking Your Current Favorite Braves


This may have been done before, but I'm fairly new to Talking Chop and definitely new to posting on here(more of a outside observer than a commenter). That being said I'd like to gauge what your thoughts were as to your favorite current Braves players. This isn't meant o be rosterbation or who has the best numbers. This is meant to include intangibles such as hustle, personality, team loyalty, etc. I've never been the type of fan to base my appreciation of a player on their stats alone. This is meant to be basically a ranking of who you LIKE the most on the current Braves roster(including those on the DL but hopefully trying to limit the players that are constantly in flux from being on the roster to the minors.)



I post this only because I'm a lifelong fan of the Braves and I enjoy seeing what other fans think about them, so if I'm repeating an earlier post I'm not trying to be repetitive just curious. So without further ado, I'll go ahead and start off with my list.

1. Chipper Jones - Not much explanation needed here, he's been my favorite for just about as long as I've been a Braves fan (since I was 7 for the record). I even styled my batting stance after him and became a switch hitter in little league. No matter how his age affects his play he will always be my favorite.

2. Brian McCann - Clutch hitter, great on defense, a home town hero, and an all round great guy from everything I've heard. I hope he stays in a Braves uniform as long as possible.

3. Tommy Hanson - Hanson is arguably our ace right now, and you can't help but love a guy who intimidates opposing batters with now only his pitches but with a scruffy red beard as well.

4. Jason Heyward - The proclaimed future of the organization won me over with his first at ML bat, and then continued to do so throughout the season with his outstanding play. I really think had it not been for injuries he would have been/should have been ROY. He started this season off in similarly awesome fashion, though has considerably slowed down. Hopefully he'll break out soon and become the beast we all know he can be.

5. Jair Jurrjens - The reason I said Hanson was arguably our ace was because of him. While not necessarily dominating to opposing hitters, the man has been able to keep the runs down with the best of them. In my opinion, he's one of the main reasons the Braves are doing as well as they are this season.

6. Martin Prado - When he's healthy he's an on base machine. He's also got a great glove and a great attitude. When Uggla came in he selflessly and almost seamlessly moved to LF for the better of the team(well sort of). I still believe had he been healthy at the end of last year we would have made the WS or at the very least kept the Giants from winning that series.

7. Tim Hudson - His numbers are down this year and he's been injured a good chunk of the time he's been on the team, but I really like Hudson not just when he's on as a pitcher but because he seems like a great person off the field and in the dugout as well.

8. Johnny Venters - I honestly don't know much about Johnny Venters the person, but damn if he isn't awesome to watch on the mound.

9. Eric Hinske - Another example of a man whose character speaks louder than his numbers. He always seems to bring a positive attitude to the clubhouse and when he steps up to the plate there always seems to be a chance that his could be a game changing hit. As bad as I felt after losing game 3 of the NLDS I felt even worse knowing that Hinske was robbed of his what should have been game winning home run. One of the few players who I can forgive the fact that he played for the Yankees.

10. Freddie Freeman - Like Jason Heyward he's got the potential to be one of the future faces of the franchise, but obviously I don't need to tell anyone on this site that. I love what he's brought to the team and that his first home run was off Roy Halladay. I can also look past the fact that he looks like a more in shape version of Kevin Heffernan(Farva from Super Troopers...yeah think a bout it)

11. Craig Kimbrel - Blown saves aside, when the kid is on he's just about as dangerous as almost closer in the league.

12. David Ross - He could be a starter on a lot of teams with the kind of skill he has, so I've got a lot of respect for a man who can take a back up job even when other opportunities are available. He's also got a flair for the clutch.

13. Eric O'Flaherty - Along with Venters, he's one of the best set up men in the game. If either he, Johnny or Kimbrel are on the mound and we've got the lead there is a good chance it's going to stay that way.

14. Alex Gonzalez - Gonzo's glove speaks for itself, his bat on the other hand could use some speech lessons. Then again the whole team's could at this point.

15. Nate McLouth - I really really couldn't stand McLouth the first season and a half he was here. I've warmed up to him this year even though he still hasn't been the guy we traded for, but it seems more often than not guys that are traded here take while to get adjusted. I like his selfishness as of late and his play.

16. Derek Lowe - If only he pitched as well at during most of the season as he does at the end of the season he'd be a lot higher on this list. That being said he's still a great pitcher from time to time, but when he's off it can be brutal.

17. Brandon Beachy - He's really only this low because I haven't seen a lot from him. The one game I was actually able to watch that he pitched he blew me away. Since then he's gone from so-so to just disappointing.

18. Mike Minor - Again haven't seen much of him which is the reason for his placing so low.

19. Jordan Schafer - I wish he got on base more often because he's probably one of the best base runners we have.

20. Dan Uggla - I really really WANT to like Uggla, but he just makes it so damn difficult. It's kind of ironic that he was brought in for his bat, but his defense has been far better than his offense, which isn't saying much.

The rest aren't on the list because I fear for the fate of the game when they either pitch, step up to the plate or have a ball hit their way(Linebrink, Sherill, Hernandez). Or I just plain haven't seen enough of them to make an honest judgment. So that's it, I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, and of course your own personal lists. Remember this isn't about stats or numbers but about your own personal subjective feelings for each player on the team. So let's hear'em.

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