An Early June Haven for your Rosterbatory Emissions

With the other thread getting ready to disappear and ChopMaster not wanting to rosterbate in his lineup thread, I have come to the rescue with this thread... Been listening to the Legally Blonde Musical soundtrack in my car WAAAAY too much but alas, that's me and this is baseball. So, to start, I would like to lay the ground rules for our First Week of June Rosterbation.

1) Dan Uggla is not a trade target nor a DFA option so please don't mention it. I will slap you with a banana peel.

2) Chipper Jones is our 3B next year until he says he's not. We should probably come to terms with the fact he's going to be there. Barring catastrophic injury of course.

3) Our starting pitching is stupid good and the only tweaks we should really make (regardless of my comments in other threads) is to trade some of it and bring up some younglings from AAA...

I have officially attempted my first FanPost. Unfortunately, I took the cheap way out and didn't put any pictures or revealing stats or anything but still... We have a new place to openly rosterbate and that just has to feel good.... /amiright?


So, Here's my rosterbatory emission for the off-day:

Derek Lowe, Nate McLouth, Vizcaino, Salcedo, Clemens


Ellsbury, Lowrie, and Middlebrooks


We give us Lowe and his contract.. Give them a 4OF in McLouth and then stock their farm a little...


We get an OF who can lead off and w/ Schafer make a wicked top two in the lineup... Imagine the OF defense w/ Schafer (or Ellsbury) in CF w/ the other in LF? We get a UTIL guy who could easily slot in SS after A-Gonz leaves and really add some flexibility for our roster... especially w/ injuries... and then Middlebrooks could be Chippers replacement.

I'm ready to get slayed on this one but it's just a random throw out w/ very little research done. Let the rosterbating commence.

This FanPost does not express the views or opinions of Talking Chop.

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