Creativity Requested...

We are not in a typical situation this trade season. In fact, our situation is extremely unique. 

First of all, we can't be sure if Schafer is going to keep it up and be as good of a CF as we'd trade for. If not, then the most obvious hole we can fill is CF. Until he sucks, I don't see trading for a center fielder. 

Second of all, we know Chipper needs surgery and we know Heyward's shoulder is going to need extra days off here and there. 

In truth, of our 8 starters, we might not be able to upgrade any of them--especially if Schafer is for real. If we get a LF, where does Prado play? a RF, where does Heyward go? 3B? yeah right... We don't need to add to our Bull Pen either. 

Even still, we all want to add a piece. But what can we add and where? Seriously? I think this is something we could have fun thinking out. Call this a rosterbation thread if you want, but what it really is, is a tactical thread. Not who we want, but what can we do to improve without messing up what we have? I know that answers are going to start getting specific, and specific players will be mentioned, that's fine. Just remember, the question is what we do, not who we get to do it. 

That said, let me suggest a thought, as a sort of jumping off point. 

Let's pick up an outfielder that can play a passable CF, Hunter Pence was mentioned on MLBTR, he is a good example (and ideal because he also hits LHP). With Heyward in right and Prado in Left, a mediocre center fielder with an impact bat would be phenomenal. That way if Schafer and Mclouth crumble, we could move our man to center. If Schafer keeps it up, then this guy starts in LF. 

In this situation Prado goes back to being a super utility, but as a starter. He would play LF, RF, 3B, 2B, 1B, and ideally the new OF would play CF against LHPitching (leaving Heyward and Prado as rangey corner outfield support in those games). So effectively, Prado would spell six positions. When everyone is healthy, everyone would get a day off a week (organized based on the pitchers we face). 

That would be a rare situation though, it seems unlikely all seven of those will ever be fully healthy at once. We already know Chipper will need surgery, Heyward needs extra days off for his shoulder, and any of these guys could either get injured or hit slumps. If they hit slumps, put Prado in for them for an extra day here and there. This is also a really great insurance move, it means when we suffer an injury down the stretch, we aren't F***ed!!! Seems like that happens all the time, wouldn't we be glad to have an allstar ready for that situation? And if we got to the series with out injury, he would be our DH (Sorry, Pence is better than Hinske as is anyone else worth trading for). 

In this situation we are prepared for a Chipper Injury, a Heyward Injury, an Uggla injury, or a CF collapse. We also keep our guys rested and fresh, we get another weapon on the bench at all times (whoever is sitting), and we get a legitimate 9th starter for the world series. We should also realize, Prado wouldn't go wasted--he would be playing as much as anyone else even when everyone is healthy. 

Yes, this plan is contingent on either Chipper retiring after the year, or the guy we get being on a walk year--cause I don't think we should start the season with nine starters probably. 

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