Tomahawk Chops: Daily Atlanta Braves Clippings For Friday, June 17th.

Your one-page daily morning preview of Atlanta Braves news.

Braves quotes after Thursday win over Mets | Atlanta Braves
Brooks Conrad: "Yeah, the resiliency is still here with this team. Last year it was day in and day out, and this year maybe even more so with the guys here. Offensive production hasn’t been what we’d like, but our pitchers are keeping us in every single game. The resiliency of our team is just as good or better as last year. We’re going to fight till the end of every game, just like last year.

Braves hitting coach Parrish: "It weighs on you" | Atlanta Braves
"In Danny’s case, I think he really put a lot of pressure on himself. That thing got to rolling downhill and he tried to do more and got bigger and bigger with his swing. It looks like now though, he’s calmed down and you don’t see the wild swings right now. It shows how tough this game is. Once your confidence gets shaken a little bit, it’s tough to get it back. But sometimes, one or two games and you feel like, I’ve got it. I can still do it."

Braves giving Schafer a chance -- now they should keep him | Jeff Schultz The Braves are going to be facing a decision soon on what to do with Schafer. At this point, the answer should be obvious: keep him.

Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson scratched with shoulder tendinitis | News "It's been kind of lingering for a couple starts," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said of Hanson. "A young pitcher like that, you don't want to put him in a situation where it will be a long thing."

Chipper sore, but hopeful he's day to day | News "I almost looked over at [Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez] and told him to come get me," Jones said. "I didn't, and then sure enough, Mac hits the ball down the line and made it worse, because I've got to get to third with less than two outs."

Duda unmoved when Braves organist plays ‘Camptown Races’ - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports Lucas Duda, a New York Mets player with a funny sounding name, apparently heard enough of "Camptown Races" a long time ago. Duda also lacks appreciation for the work of Matthew Kaminski, the Atlanta Braves organist who's always looking for clever, funny and irritating ways to relate music and lyrics to players when they are mentioned at Turner Field.

G-Braves take over first place McLouth finished 2-for-3 and left the game after playing a final inning of defense in the fourth. He got his only fly ball that inning on a line drive he tracked down smoothly at the warning track. "I really felt good, my timing felt good," McLouth said. "Really from the first pitch, I felt good.

Liberty grad Walker keeping his childhood dreams alive - "It was one of those things you don't know how it's going to shake out," Walker said. "But I had heard from some of my coaches and scouts that I had a pretty good chance of getting picked up." However, initially, even Walker was in disbelief, watching television at his Oklahoma City home, only to find out his fate via a text message received by OCU teammate Miguel Beltran. "He [Miguel] received a text from a guy wanting to know who I was, so we went online and I saw my name," said Walker, "Then the scout called, and then I knew it was for real." "There were so many phone calls going on in that first hour, I even had to cut my mom off and call her back."

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