One Week After 2011 MLB Draft, Braves Have Signed 24 Players

The 2011 MLB Draft ended a week ago today, but the Atlanta Braves have been hard at work signing their draft picks, with many of them already working out at the team's complex in Orlando. They are preparing for the start of the short-season Rookie League teams which begin play next Tuesday.

The Braves have signed six of their first ten picks, with third-rounder Kyle Kubitza being the highest pick to sign. As seasons end for college teams, more of our draftees should be able to sign, including first round pick Sean Gilmartin. With Vanderbilt still in the College World Series, it may be another couple of weeks before we know if the two relievers we drafted from Vandy -- sixth-rounder Mark Lamm, and fourteenth-rounder Navery Moore -- will sign.

All the players signed so far have been college players. None of the Braves high school picks, the highest of which is eleventh-round pick Seth Moranda, have signed. The Braves signed 34 picks from their 2010 draft, and with 24 already wrapped up from the 2011 draft, it looks as if they will equal or surpass last year's total.

Here is a list of all the players the Braves have signed so far. This list is kept up to date on the left sidebar of the main page of Talking Chop, and any Twitter accounts for these players are added to the Braves player Twitter list, also on the left sidebar.

2011 Draft Picks Signed

3:   Kyle Kubitza, 3B
4:   J.R. Graham, RHP
5:   Nick DeSantiago, C
7:   Cody Martin, RHP
8:   Thomas La Stella, 2B
9:   Chase Larsson, OF
12: Matt Chaffee, LHP
13: Tony Meuller, CF
15: John Cornely, RHP
17: Gus Schlosser, RHP
18: Greg Ross, RHP
19: Troy Snitker, C
21: Jarrett Miller, RHP
23: Sam Munson, OF
25: Will Skinner, OF
26: Kirk Walker, SS
27: Charlie Robertson, RHP
28: Matt Talley, LHP
29: Chad Comer, C
33: Nick Popescu, 3B
34: Chris Bullard, OF
35: Michael Hashem, LHP
36: Gardner Adams, RHP
37: Ryne Harper, RHP

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Signing info gathered from news reports of signings, as well as The Atlanta Baseball Show and Baseball America.

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