The Majors Top Pitching Prospect Julio Teheran To Make His Debut With Braves On Saturday

Welcome to the Big Leagues kid.

Best news in weeks for Atlanta Braves fans, the next coming of the great Braves pitchers will make his Major League debut on Saturday in Philadelphia. Julio Teheran will be called up to make a spot start, keeping the rest of the Braves rotation on regular rest after the doubleheader on Wednesday.

Teheran is widely considered baseball's top pitching prospect, and he is certainly the top pitching prospect in a pitching rich Braves minor league system.

Teheran is the second Braves pitching prospect in the past ten months to make their Major League debut in Philadelphia. Brandon Beachy made his debut last September 20th in Philly.

Braves Country will be very exited to see Teheran pitch, a kid with truly ace potential. Luckily for the fans (and for the Braves) who are eager to see what Teheran can do in the Majors, he last pitched on the 30th of April, so Saturday's start will fall perfectly on five days rest for the young phenom. That worked out well, and it will help the Braves temper expectations about possibly rushing him to the Majors. I can hear the line now, "this was just his day in the rotation." Let's just all be glad they didn't give Rodrigo Lopez an extra day of rest and call him up (his turn in the rotation is a day before Teheran's).

Get excited people! Get excited.

Here is Talking Chop's scouting report for Teheran, available in this post, and available in the 2011 Maple Street Press Braves Annual:

Julio Teheran, RHSP
The Skinny:
His combination of youth, dominant stuff, and command make him one of the top pitching prospects in the game, and one of the most eagerly anticipated pitching prospects in Braves history.
The Good: He has command of a dominant fastball that tops out at 97 and sits 93-94. His change-up is one of the best in the minors and is a true strike out pitch. At 19 years old he was one of the youngest players in each league he appeared in this season and was still dominant.
The Bad: His curve is still inconsistent and he has a tendency to leave it flat and high in the zone. He occasionally telegraphs his change-up, but it's so good he still manages to get swing-and-miss strikes with it. His small frame and herky-jerky mechanics lead some to believe that injuries and durability could be a problem ... we're nitpicking, this kid is a stud with all the tools he needs.
In a perfect world: Teheran is a perennial All-Star and spends the next decade battling Strausburg for Cy Youngs.
ETA: Late 2011 call-up with a shot to stick in 2012.

Since this review he has improved his command (hard to believe), and grown into his body more. Being in Major League camp for spring training helped him grow as a pitcher, and that can be seen with how well he's done at triple-A, where he is one of the youngest players in the league, yet still has the third best ERA (1.80). JT is just 20 years old.

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