Please help Needed/Wanted!


To help those of you, who much like me, don't like reading a whole lot, I've bolded the important information. 


    As a pretty much life-long Braves fan, I have always watched the team for about 20 years, with actually knowing whats going on, (I'm 23).  With this being said, over the past two to three years, I discovered this website (hells yeah). When discovering this website, I continually broadened my Braves knowledge alltogether, especially in regards to their minor league players. Before, I would really only know about up and coming minor-leaguers, if and only if, they were mentioned on a telecast, or something along those lines.

   So, may I give a quick thankyou to the writers, and members of TC, for really introducing me to a whole new aspect of the game, and this easily accessed knowledge has only made me love, and be intrigued by, the team/game even more.

Well, where is this mindless babble going, you might ask?  Well, I've come to find scouting reports, background information, things of that nature, pretty easy to find on here, in the archives/recent posts/draft reviews/etc., but I was wondering about our DSL prospects.

Most of the members on TC, already know about the start of the DSL, and some of our top prospects we have down there, and to be perfectly honest I have no clue about any of them (other than the fact they are all incredibly young).

So, with this being said, could someone please help me!!!

I'm pretty sure I am not the only Braves fan who is almost clueless to the talent we have down there.

So, I know it might take a bit of time, but could someone compile a simple Atl Braves - DSL team for Dummies(or the Uninformed) Guide, please. lol.  Maybe just a list of the actual talent we have down there, along with a brief scouting report, like ceiling, projections, debut year, things of that nature.

I'm sure we maybe only have like 5-10 good/decent prospects on that team, so if it's not too much to ask it would be greatly appreciated, and I am almost sure would be helping out more people than myself.

I thank anyone, in advance, who even attempts this small task, and greatly appreciate all the members of TC for the great insight, information, and really overall, just being people who love the Braves and sharing their own personal opinions.

Hope everyone has a great day, including the Braves....I believe we have the league leader in ERA on the mound today, so how about a Win for us fans Braves.  Go Braves!

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