Around the NL East - Injuries Abound with R.A. Dickey, Josh Johnson, and Adam LaRoche, while Chase Utley Finally Returns


Last weekend in Lynchburg, I asked Gerry Rodriguez if he remembered who I was.  Naturally, he gave me this bewildered look, smiled awkwardly, and politely said he didn't.  I then explained that I was the dork at Myrtle Beach who dressed as Sgt. Slaughter a year prior, and presented him with a replica World Championship belt, to which his eyes lit up, and with great enthusiasm, immediately recalled the time.  He then told me that the photograph with him with the title belt is on his Facebook page.  I was amused.

Welcome back to the Basement.


Why I hate the Braves more than I hate the Mets - Phillies Nation
I like Phillies Nation. It's a great fan site, with lots of good writing, indepth interviews, and a great resource for an inquisitive fan, wishing to know more about the rival Phillies, while not being too smarmy that so many other Phillies sites have become with the advent of success over the last five years. But this eloquent piece, is my favorite Philies Nation post, ever. Your hate is so very welcome.

Position player Wilson Valdez pitches and gets vulture win - Zoo With Roy
It's a toss-up between which was more impressive between Danys Baez delivering an astonishing 5IP of relief work in a marathon bender with the Reds, or Wilson Valdez taking the ball and delivering an inning of scoreless relief, and being on record when the Phillies won.

Jimmy Rollins distracts Brandon Philips into bonehead out, swears he didn't do it on purpose - High Cheese
This is some Laurel and Hardy stuff, right here.

Joe Blanton to go see Dr. James Andrews - Phillies Zone
Who's the scariest name for pitchers to hear? Well it sure as heck ain't "Albert Pujols."

Chase Utley returns, batting second - High Cheese
And good timing too, considering just how many other Phillies are on the DL now.

Phillies take a flyer on Scotty Pods - Beerleaguer
Well hey, if anything at all, if Scott Podsednik does absolutely nothing to help the Phillies at all, which I wouldn't mind, he absolutely makes the Phillies wives rosters that much stronger with his bombshell of a wife.



R.A. Dickey hurts heel, listed day-to-day - NY Post
All while attempting to field a grounder during a game with the Cubs. Considering he had to leave the park on crutches that evening, there's speculation that he'll be joining the DL possibly.

Mets pick minority partner - Amazin' Avenue
Some speculation on whether or not he's the type to buy low, sell high, or, given the fact that he did some growing up in New Jersey, actually likes the Mets and wants to be a part of the regime that possibly gets them back to some sort of positive reputation.

Unavoidable joke - The Apple
I hear the name "Einhorn," and can't help but think about Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. Apparently, I'm not the only one, and for that, I am a little bit relieved.

David Wright no longer expected to back the Mets, more or less - NY Post
Recently, Fred Wilpon made some less than polite remarks in regards to David Wright. David Wright took the high road, and deflected the attention as best as he could. But with Wilpon more or less leading the team in putting his foot in his mouth, maybe some fresh new ownership isn't a bad idea.

Jose Reyes is all-time leader in Mets runs scored - MetsBlog
With 664 runs scored, Reyes has passed Darryl Strawberry to be sole leader of the all-time runs scored mark for the Mets.

Angel Pagan green lit to return, Fernando Martinez sent back down - NY Daily News
And with no rehab starts to get prepared to get thrown back in to the fire, no less.

Carlos Beltran given blessing to go out and be a whore - MetsBlog
An RBI whore, that is. With Wright and Davis out of the picture in the moment, Beltran was encouraged, to go be more aggressive. We all know how aggressive works out sometimes.

Pedro Beato regresses immediately after rushing rehab - NY Post
Prevention and recovery. Prevention and recovery.



Adam LaRoche to the DL with shoulder troubles - The Nats Blog
The funny thing is that 'ol Roachy is saying that it doesn't even hurt, but results are results. He's simply not hitting. So, the Nats are putting him on the DL, possibly for just sucking since is reportedly a shoulder issue, and hoping some rest and non-baseball activities will solve the issue.

The Nationals might just be sick of losing - WaPo
My favorite part of this is the jab they take at Zack Grienke, a day removed when he pitched well and homered himself to beat the Nationals.

Jayson Werth speaks in tongues about how to fix Nationals - MASN
But being his usual, cryptic self, he doesn't actually explain what any of his ideas are, and I'm reminded of both American Psycho and the Ultimate Warrior reading his quotes.

Ivan Rodriguez and Mike Rizzo disciplined for altercation with umpires - MASN
Pudge gets a fine, and Rizzo is hit with discipline that is not explained, but gotta give a little props to the GM for getting involved and getting his club's back against the evil umpires.

Stephen Strasburg has thrown his first bullpen session - Nats NQ
And saying all the cliched things about feeling great, and all that jazz.

Speaking of Strasburg, reviews and entertainment about his action figure - The Bog
When I was a kid, for some reason, I couldn't be open minded enough to have my action figures crossover with each other, like my imagination couldn't handle it. When I played with my Masters of the Universe figures, He-Man only fought Skeletor. Raphael and Donatello were only allowed to play against Shredder and Krang. Jake the Snake and Roddy Piper were only allowed to fight against Demolition, and the list goes on and on.

Henry Rodriguez will be utilized for later innings more often - Nationals Journal
In case you need reminder, he is one of the pieces returned from the Oakland A's in the Josh Willingham deal, and he can hit 100mph with regularity.

That is, when he's not being put into games to vulture wins - Nationals Daily News
Despite the fact that the Nationals won 17-5, Jason Marquis was taken out in the fourth inning, and Henry Rodriguez came in, and stayed as the pitcher on record when the rout began. Reminds me of a game where Tom Glavine pitched 4.2 innings, but just couldn't get that third out, and then Will Ohman was brought in, and got the out on like two pitches, and stole the win.

How to beat the Nationals: throw strikes - MASN
Scintillating observations.

Clarity on minor leaguer's death - CSNWashington
Yewri Guillen, an 18-year old shortstop down in the D.R. whom died as a result of what was believed to have been meningitis, actually died as a result of an infection in his brain that reportedly stemmed from an extremely aggressive sinus infection. That's scary.



Josh Johnson on DL for shoulder inflammation - Marlin Maniac
Typically, I see "shoulder inflammation" and like to throw out the old "DL for sucking" joke I have in my arsenal, but in this case, I'm going to holster that notion, since I know for a fact just how good Johnson has been this year. He'll be eligible to return on June 1, but reports are that he'll be held back until the following start.

Scott Cousins feeling pretty crappy about ruining Buster Posey's year - Fish Bytes
It's been well discussed here about this play, but at least know that regardless of all the semantics, that Scott Cousins was probably more acting on instinct, adrenaline, and a bit of the unaware when he took out Posey, and he certainly does feel bad about it, and is making an effort to speak with Posey about it.

Buster Posey 'not interested' in speaking with Scott Cousins - Palm Beach Post
I kind of get a hint of resentment, and I can't say that I couldn't blame Posey, but it's not like it's not documented that Cousins isn't trying to get in touch with him. The guy's trying to get in touch with him and clear the air, but Posey's kind of missing an opportunity to take the high road and garner a little bit of good PR here, I think.

Marlins celebrate sweeping Giants with In-N-Out burgers - Palm Beach Post
Reportedly 200 of the popular California-based burger cult's burgers were put on the charter flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, in celebration of sweeping the World Series champions. Reportedly, zero were left upon arriving in Los Angeles.

Haven't this happened to a Braves player before? - Sun Sentinel
Hanley Ramirez has apparently gotten bigger, and more muscular this season. Subsequently, this added mass has resulted in more mass to move, and an obliteration of statistics.

Fish Stripes salutes one very confident fan - Fish Stripes
Of course it had to be a dude, who decided to go streaking.

Only 23 innings? Chump change. - Sun Sentinel
Y'see, I recently read Bottom of the 33rd. Great read, btw. But 23 innings seems like nothing compared to 33 innings, with 32 of those being played in freezing April New England mire.

Alfonseca Saves - Marlins Diehards
If you guys don't read Jacob Peterson's JunkStats, you are missing out on some truly entertaining stuff, that derives from not just Braves baseball. My favorite is his piece about "cheapie saves," which should be fairly self-explanatory. But this link is the exact opposite, and named after the closer who did it the best, Antonio Alfonseca, who never had clean innings, but celebrated like he just got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas when he miraculously converted saves. And his apparent heir, Leo Nunez.

I think they're trying to say something about Infante's spray charts - Strip Club With Stanton
'Ol Omar got a little more respect from Braves fans, but to be honest, he probably played better in Atlanta than he's doing in Florida this year.

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