OT: Where might Pujols land?

I know this isn't Braves related but with Pujols set to become maybe the biggest free agent ever I thought it might be interesting to examine possible landing spots for him.

I don't think Pujols will be willing to play for a team that he will have to DH a majority of the time.  I also think that at this point in his career he is predominatly a 1B.  He hasn't played significant time at any other position since 2003 when he played 113 games in LF.  I also think his outfield days are behind him. 

AL East:

Boston:  They already have Adrian Gonzalez who is only 29 yrs old and signed through 2018.

New York:  Teixeira signed a 8 year $180M contract before last season.

Tampa Bay:  The Rays could use him but don't have the money.

Baltimore:  The Orioles have used Derek Lee at 1B mostly.  They could use an upgrade and put in a decent offer to Teixeira last year but its doubtful they would have the money.

Toronto:  Adam Lind has played the majority of the games and has pretty good so its unlikely they would have much interest.

AL Central

Chicago:  Konerko has been very good and is signed through 2013. 

Cleveland:  LaPorta hasn't been great but they don't have the money to even consider it.

Kansas City:  Could kinda be considered a dark horse being that he is from Kansas City but they have some decent players at 1B already and don't have the money.

Detroit:  Money really isn't an issue but they already have Cabrera and he is just as good.

Minnesota:  Small market team that wagered their future on Mauer, plus they have Morneau.

AL West

Texas:  Currently using Mitch Mooreland who is decent but not great.  Have shown they have money to spend and could be a dark horse.

LA Angels:  They have a young Trumbo currently holding the position and he's been alright and they also expect Morales back next year, but Pujols would be a great addition.  They have missed out the last two years on Teixeira and Crawford so this could be their big splash.

Oakland:  This team has been pretty bad offensively and Barton isn't helping that.  With that being said they have no where near the money.

Seattle:  This team has struggled offensively with their offense since they moved into SafeCo but Justin Smoak hasn't really been part of the problem this year. 

NL East

Philadelphia:  Probably have the money but they also already have Howard.

Atlanta:  Could we use him? Sure.  Do we have they money?  No.

Florida:  They don't have the money plus they already have a fine young 1B in Gaby Sanchez.  I do however give them a 1% chance for one reason.  They are moving into a new home soon and Pujols would sell out for quite awhile.

NY Mets:  No one is really sure how they financials are going to work out, plus they already have Ike Davis.

Washington:  LaRoche has sucked this year and they seem to be interested in every FA out there.  Not sure how much money they'll have after signing Werth last year.

NL Central:

Cincinnati:  Already have Votto.

Milwaukee:  They'll first try to resign Fielder and if they can't do that then they surely don't have the money for Pujols.

Pittsburgh:  Overbay has been pretty good this year.  Signing a expensive FA should be far from their mind.

Chicago:  Pena has been pretty awful this year.  They have proven that they have money to spend and getting Pujols would be a huge move for them.

Houston:  Team is up for sale and they already have a decent 1B in Brett Wallace.

NL West

San Francisco:  Huff has been part of their problems this year and he's signed to a moveable contract.  Still unlikely landing spot.

Colorado:  Helton is past his prime but is having a good year.  Another team though that doesn't have the money.

Arizona:  Team with many issues but 1B isn't one of them.

LA Dodgers:  Outside of St. Louis this is probably the best place for him to go.  However with the divorce and them having no money its a zero chance, but if a new ownership takes over and wants to spend money this becomes a likely spot.

San Diego:  Hawpe hasn't been good but they couldn't afford to keep Gonzalez so signign Pujols probably isn't going to happen.

Basically Pujols do to his price tag and other teams not really needing a 1B his options are down to about 3 or 4 teams.

He'll take a discount to stay in St. Louis because he is so loved there and his home is close by.  Outside of St. Louis I see the Angels and Cubs as being strong bidders and if new ownership takes over the Dodgers I'm sure they would jump into it as well.

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