Update From the Rome Braves- 4/7/11

I go to college in Rome so I headed out to see opening night and definitely was not disappointed. This squad has all the makings to be a really interesting team full of (hopeful) future big time players for the Braves. Just thought I would share a few players recaps. Also, if you ever get a chance to come down and check the squad out I fully recommend it. Some of this will just justify already mentioned scouting reports, but I seen some new things in these guys this year.

C- Bethancourt looked really solid. He worked harder behind the plate this year compared to when I watched him last year. Also, he was in the three hole and responded well. It looks like he has considerably cut down on his swing this year and hit some balls hard. Had a sharp single the other way in his second at-bat and even showed good speed while stealing a base.

SS- Lipka is a player. I was already on the bandwagon pretty heavy, but I am fully on after what I seen last night. His first at-bat he stroked a single through the middle and preceded to steal second. His speed is for real. He also made numerous good plays in the field and showed a great arm. Always got his money's worth during his at bats as well.

3rd- Salcedo was same ole same ole. He was as appealing as ever, but did not play his best game. He looks good at the plate; however, still is indecisive sometimes and swings tends to get a little long. He did not look awful at third. His error was on a ball he had no need to rush on as much as he did. I can't wait for him to put it together.

OF-David Rohm looks like a monster. He is well-built and showed good pop on an opposite field double and hit some more balls hard. His swing is very short and efficient and i see strong power potential in this guy.

P-Carlos Perez looked great. He has a good throwing motion and has some nasty stuff. The ump squeezed him a bit on numerous hitters early. Hey, it was the first game for the umps as well. He threw very well though and i see strong top of the rotation stuff from him as well.

P-The new pitcher Tyler Hess is a monster. He was bringing some serious gas and looked great. He took the hard luck loss, but his stuff looked good. He also pitched with a lot of confidence. He could be a great addition to our pen in a few years.

Others: Reyes at second and Flores in right are stand-outs defensively. Flores made three nice running catches and also hosed a guy at home. Dalfonso was the DH and went 2 for 4 with two RBI's. He has a pretty decent swing from the left side, needs to put a little weight on though.

Oh and that Bryce Harper guy, although he is a douche bag to the core, is going to be a heck of a ballplayer. First swing of the game for him he hit a opposite field foul ball that would have been a home run and then proceeded to hit a sharp single for an rbi on a great slider from Perez. Second AB he laid down a perfect bunt for a hit and he also stole a base. He is as advertised.

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