Jason Heyward should bat 2nd:The Most Original Idea Ever

What if...Jason Heyward batted 2nd?

Take a moment if you need, I understand that this is earth-shattering stuff here .Don't be shocked, and whatever you do don't point to just one at bat as your proof *cough* Freddi *cough*

Anyway, I've seen a bunch of threads die with the "Heyward batting order" question so lets provide a proper forum to communicate our angst (or lack of angst if you are on DOB's regimen of sedatives.)

We all know batting order is nearly neglible to performance over a season (I seem to remember .5-1 wins being a popularly accepted stat.)

 I will grant that Heyward is a heart of the lineup hitter in the future, but right now he is a hitter with impressive pop, excellent plate discipline, and solid contact (by this I am referring to Heyward squaring up on a ball and hitting it 230-400 feet with the ball barely getting over 35 ft.)

It is not purely about RISP, OBP or HRs for me, right now, and admittedly it is early, it is about finding chemistry. As much as we consider Heyward the second coming (the candles are still burning in my Heyward shrine even as we speak) it is easy to forget how young he is. Watching him at the plate he seems much older, but he is young. He is not the baseball player he will be when is he fully mature.

The Jason Heyward we have right now needs to be batting 2nd.

But beyond the statistics, right now we need to find some consistency and chemistry for the lineup (yes it is early, but because it is early we need to use this starting lap to find what works and maintain that over the duration of a season

I believe Jason Heyward batting 2nd is the solution to how our offense has looked at the plate because he would change the dynamics of that lineup and because his performance and current makeup is better utilized in the 2 hole.

Talk amongst yourselves...

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