Chop the Jukebox.

There have been some ups and downs so far for the Bravos this season, and with post on here have left me thinking "Why so serious?" almost every time I come here. Were about 20 games in and it seems the team has remembered what a bat is for, so the rest of the way should be fun to watch. 

So I thought, why don't we have some fun? And what's more fun than thinking up some walk up music for the team? Some of my ideas are listed below, can't wait to hear some of yours.


Craig Kimbrell- Tough as John Jacobs by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. It's a real closer tune heavy, loud and a little bit redneck, sort of fits Kimbrell to a T. The opening line "Always knew the pyro would come out in you", really goes with a fireballing closer.

Perter Moylan- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC. Had to go with AC/DC for Moylan because of the Aussie connection, also the fact that he gets to face the MLB's best right handed hitters in the late innings also makes this seem appropriate. 

Scot Linebrink- Touch of Grey by The Gateful Dead. it's kind of a cheap shot at the old guy,  but all we hope is that  "we will get by" when he gets in games.

George Sherrill- Where is My Mind by The Pixies. Because when he comes in the game that is what the fans are wondering about Freddi Gonzales.

Derek Lowe- All I do is Win by DJ Kaleed. DOB wrote that D-Lowe was singing this one around the clubhouse late last season and since then, it's been pretty accurate. Let's hope things stay that way.

Nate McLouth- Walk by Pantera. a walk is what all Braves fans are secretly hoping for when Nate is at the plate. Although he is swinging it a little better of late.

Chipper Jones- Bawitdaba by Kid Rock. I know, blasphemy. Flame me now. But Chipper has wanted a Kid Rock at bat tune since 1996 and other than the late innings of blowouts has never gotten it.

 Dan Uggla- The Kill Bill Theme song He's going to do to baseballs what she did to the yakuza.

Martin Prado- Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones. Now I know usually favors meringue and other Latin tunes, but the way he jump starts the Braves offense it works.


Please come up with some for the players I didn't include, I can't wait to see what the twisted minds of TC come up with. Have fun, and I'll see you at the ballpark.

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