Dan Uggla: Atlanta Braves 2011 Player Preview

It's time to project the new guy. The Atlanta Braves made the first big move of the baseball off-season by acquiring Dan Uggla from the Marlins, and then the team signed him to a long-term contract before he had ever played a game in a Braves uniform. Uggla is ours for the next half decade ... that's still sinking in for me. Yes, I need to see a great season out of him before that contract will sit well with me, but I'm warming up to him.

Uglo has hit more home runs in each of the last four seasons than any Atlanta Braves hitter. He brings with him that right-handed power we've so desperately been searching for. Looking at his stats Uggla seems to like hitting at Turner Field. His lifetime slash line at the Ted is .354/.399/.652, which is crazy good, even though it's probably a small sample size at just 199 plate appearances.

But is that a fluke, or does he just hit well wherever he plays against Braves pitching? His slash line against Braves pitching in his former Florida home park is .218/.285/.460 in 191 PA. Even though his ISO is not too far apart, there's enough of a difference to raise more than one eyebrow and send a sliver of excitement throughout the body. What do you all think?

Click here for an introduction to our Fan Projections Player Preview series.

>>> Click here to fill out the Google Form for Dan Uggla's 2011 projections. Your answers can also be posted in the comments section for discussion, but will only be tallied if they are entered in the Google Form.

Dan Uggla's Baseball Reference comparable players by age (1000 equals most comparable). Kent has a good HOF case; lots of other good players in there.

Joe Gordon (921) *
Jeff Kent (917)
Gene Tenace (894)
Damion Easley (891)
Bret Boone (889)
Mike Lowell (886)
Jose Valentin (881)
Hank Thompson (879)
Chase Utley (879)
Rich Aurilia (876)

Dan Uggla Trivia Fact:  With one more 25-HR season, he will tie the record for most by a second baseman. Jeff Kent and Ryne Sandberg each have six; Uggla is tied with Hall of Famers Joe Gordon and Ryne Sandberg with five.

If you want some in depth reading on Uggla's defense, see here and here.

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