Braves trivia game app - UPDATE


The app is now up, if you have an android phone go to the marketplace to download it or just get it from the website:




Hi all, I'm a computer science major and a senior who will be graduating in may (only 8 more weeks!). One of my courses I'm taking this spring is Android development. Our last assignment before we went on spring break was to develop a trivia game on a subject of our choice. I naturally chose the braves, and wrapped up what was required for the app last week and turned it in.

For the assignment we only needed 10 questions in the app, and we weren't required to put it up on the market. So... my spring break project is to increase the number of questions (anywhere from 50-100), iron out some kinks,  add a few small things (like sound) and put it up on the market.

What would be awesome to have from you guys is some input in the form of trivia questions. One of my app's features will provide a way to email in new questions, but if you guys could help me build up the initial set that would be awesome. Here's an example questions I have in the game right now:

<question>Starting in the 90's, how many consecutive years did the Braves win division titles?</question>
<comment>The Braves streak of 14 consecutive division titles is a major league record.</comment>

So, if you have any questions of your own to add, feel feel to reply. You can put the xml tags (the <question> stuff) if you want, or I'll just do that for you. Also, unless you state otherwise, I'll include your name in the comment bit. (I.e. "submitted by bravesfan123 from"). Trivia questions can range from easy to hard...if i already have the question in my bank i'll let you know. Any other comments/ideas would be appreciated as well.

When the app is up on the market I'll let you know and if you have an android phone you can download it. The app will definitely be free.


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