Things Read in Other Moms' Basements - Around the NL East 03.12.11


Apologies in advance everyone, but my introductory section is going to be a little short this week. Work's been'a busy for me this week, and I'm out of town this weekend. But hey, if there any Charlotte, North Carolina TCers reading this, I'll likely be getting jolly at Beertopia on Saturday, kind of in the spirit of the excellent beer and grill thread we've got going this week, so come and say hello to the guy wearing a Braves cap and a Virginia Tech shirt.

Welcome to another week of Things Read in Other Moms' Basements.


Chris Coghlan pulled from game not because of injury but alleged miscommunication - Sun Sentinel
He logged in as DH, had one at-bat, and then came out of the game. First thought is "PANIC ITS THE KNEE" but apparently, Coghlan wasn't scheduled to play the game, and nobody noticed until, you know, he played.

Former Marlin Dontrelle Willis trying to come back - Fish Stripes
Talk about a guy who literally fell off the earth. But good to hear that Dontrelle Willis is trying to come back to the big leagues, currently pitching in the Reds' bullpen. Even when he was opposing the Braves, I was always an admirer of his attitude, and the way he played baseball, and wish him the best in returning.

Gaby Sanchez rips into teammates for crappy defense - Sun Sentinel
I like Sanchez's poise and maturity out on the field, but considering that he's just going into his second year, I wonder how his teammates feel about someone maybe trying to take the leadership reigns a little prematurely?

Anibal Sanchez's turn on the ST DL - Palm Beach Post
Here's a whimsical prediction - the Marlins will be very good; any time that their pitching rotation of Vazquez, Johnson, Nolasco, and Sanchez are all taking their turns in order. The question is, will such circumstances actually happen enough times for them to be in contention?

Potential candidate for fail-backlash of the year - Sun Sentinel
Umpire Angel Hernandez has gone on record and stated that Leo Nunez's is one of the greatest sliders he's ever seen. I look forward to June, when Leo Nunez has four blown saves, and Clay Hensley is closing games out instead.

Mike Piazza helps train Italian National Team, talks Miami - Sun Sentinel
One of the greatest hitting catchers in history has been instructing the Italian National Team, in preparation for international competition, and the 2013 World Baseball Classic. He also takes some time to talk about expectations for the new ballpark, and shows obvious optimism for the future of the Marlins' fortunes.

I'm pretty sure Randy Choate is sterile now - Miami Herald
Game routine: drink a Red Bull in the second inning. Drink a Red Bull in the fourth inning. If you weren't aware, he's LOOGY, and typically faces one, maybe two batters a game.

Primo seats selling well at new ballpark - Fish Stripes
Well duh. Isn't it common protocol that corporations and business buy all the good seats, squat on them, so that home plate seating can look dismal on TV?

How to get cut really fast - Sun Sentinel
Earlier this week, in one game, three Marlins pitchers each gave up a mythical three run homer. All three were cut by day's end.

Five players Marlins fans will be "talking about" in five years - Yahoo Sports
There's a big difference between "talking about," and "raving about." I'm sure people will mention in five years about how sad it was that Jose Ceda ate himself out of professional baseball, Scott Cousins couldn't shake AAAA, and "remember when Matt Dominguez hit really well in Spring Training in '11?"

Jokes, this guy has them - Marlins Diehards
Answer to "who's the nicest guy in MLB?"



Tom Verducci on Stephen Strasburg - SI
It's a good piece, but the bottom line is that Verducci feels that Strasburg's mechanics need a bit of an overhaul in order to help prevent future injury.

Don't take too much stock into it - Nationals Journal
Bryce Harper has made it past the first round of cuts. Team's not stupid, Viera's selling well as long as he's still playing against MLB talent.

On the field, Bryce Harper hates his opponents - The Nats Blog
A part of me commends him for this mentality; there's nothing wrong with putting business first, especially in a competition, but at the same time, I get a kick out of watching player interaction between opposing players from time to time.

But he loves his hecklers - MLB
Your hate only makes him grow stronger.

The Nationals' spring defense sucks PANIC - Nationals Journal
Rationale is cliched rust, and some cases of dead arms.

Jerry Hairston, Jr. willing to fill any role - CSNWashington
A pleasant piece about a perceived good guy in baseball, willing to do anything, anywhere for the team.

RP Ron Villone signed to minor league deal - Nationals Journal
Additional bullpen depth, and a possible clubhouse mentor to younger players, from the reigning oldest player in MiLB last year.

PSA: Adam LaRoche is not Adam Dunn - CSNWashington
Our old friend Roachy would kindly like people to stop putting 39HR and 100RBI on expectations from him this season, as he would also like to remind some unrealistic fans that he is not OPS guy.

Now this is how to do Spring Training - Nats NQ
No seriously, I'm actually envious about how DangerNat is spending his spring; it's like enjoying the pleasantries of a good camping trip, with baseball all during the day time.

Astros lose a catcher, Nationals have plenty - The Nats Blog
Jason Castro goes down with a knee injury, and now the Astros need a catcher. A potential candidate to unload a hoping-to-rebound Jesus Flores for something, even if the Astros' farm is pretty barren?

Just wanted to comment on this - Nats NQ
Stop making the Greg Oden comps with Jason Heyward, and instead send them to Tyler Clippard. My god he practically looks like Orville Redenbacher with a cap on.



Better tweet than Charlie Sheen - MetsBlog
My body went limp reading this, out of sheer amusement.

Room to Hope - Amazin' Avenue
Reading this piece, I can't help but feel the same way about certain aspects, minus the hockey statistics. But as much as I like looking at numbers sometimes, I certainly admit to forgetting all the numbers, and cheering for guys like Nate McLouth, and Alex Gonzalez, guys who don't dazzle with their numbers, but hey, they're still playing for us.

Oliver Perez pleased with himself for being able to retire Astros - NY Post
With his job even more in jeopardy, Oliver Perez feels good about himself after getting out of some self-induced stress. After not recording an out against the top of the Astros order, he retired the next nine of 11 batters before sitting down after three innings. He felt good about himself, but fails to realize that it was against the Astros.

Oliver Perez will not be a starter, after all. Precariously hanging on by a thread, he's now in the bullpen, trying to be a $12M LOOGY.

But if all else fails, one out of 29 has to want him - NY Times
Right? ...Right? Even if they only have to pick up league minimum? ... Anyone? Pirates? Astros?

Jose Rey'melo Anthony - NY Post
Gotta love the pessimism of the Post. Seeing as how the Mets are broke, and will likely need to tidy up the books in the wake of their mess, they're predicting, neigh, fortelling that Jose Reyes will moved at the deadline, or will indefinitely leave via free agency, much like Carmelo Anthony of the NBA. But unlike Anthony, Reyes will be leaving New York, not arriving.

Guess who else has tendonitis? - NY Daily News
Hints: it's in the Mets section, and he is coming off of knee surgery. If you guessed "Carlos Beltran," have a trophy.

Ronny Paulino finally arrives to Spring Training - NY Post
Never mind all the working out and conditioning he's missed out on, but throw in the remaining suspension he has to serve, as well as the fact that he can't burn it off in the minors because they start later than the Majors, means he's going to be real late to the party this year.

The old "what if" game - NY Times
The sad reality right now is that the other albatross, Luis Castillo, is slightly performing better than the legion of guys trying to take his job and force the Mets to cut him. Naturally, the New York media is unhappy with this development, and has to instead write stories about theoretical better options, had some guys not gotten hurt, instead of accepting that experience is kind of trumping out in this case.

Major League Soccer wants a second NYC franchise; and think the Wilpons would be great owners - NY Post
Maybe if they believe in the old "no publicity is bad publicity" adage, sure, but I don't know about this...

R.A. Dickey's facial warmups - The Apple
More good stuff from The Apple. While reading this, I can't help but wonder if R.A. Dickey is a perfect example of what New York can do to a player- I have to imagine if he had the renaissance for any team other than in like New York, would he have become the phenomenon he is right about now?

Okay, I'm actually beginning to get a little concerned - Amazin' Avenue
The 10 Commandments of The Dickey.

You can't have a bowling team without bowling shirts - The Mets Police
Honestly, it's a little disgusting seeing a bunch of filthy Mets wearing something precariously close to Hokie maroon.



No updates on Chase Utley - Phillies Zone
Cortisone shot, still no updates, Chase Utley being flippant about it all

But Cholly thinks he'll be fine and out there by Opening Day - High Cheese
And I do too. And by September, the Utley will be there regardless of what happens during the regular season, and the Phillies will play .625+ ball then like they typically do.

Uh oh, surgery could be a possibility if things don't improve - Beerleaguer
Two things could happen - either he ends up like Chipper Jones and looking pretty good after rehab, or end up like Carlos Beltran and seemingly never heal, and pretty much kiss your career goodbye.

Preparing for life without Utley - Phillies Nation
With each passing day this week, the new on Utley's knee has grown worse and worse, and now probably the best Phillies blog on the web is educating the faithful to be prepared and not blindsided if their star second baseman ends up missing significant time throughout the year.

Charlie Manuel: "We've got to go like hell to find two real good players." - Phillies Zone
What, no faith in Pete Orr and Ross Gload?

Brandon Inge tells his tale - High Cheese
Why does a Detroit Tiger matter? Because, Brandon Inge suffered the exact same patellar tendinitis throughout all of 2009, and probably is the best guy to relate to Utley currently. His take on things?

Inge said Utley has two options: season-ending surgery or playing through intense pain.

Charlie Manuel extended for two years - MLB
Two years, somewhere in the $7.5M neighborhood. That's a lot of scratch for a manager.

Ruben Amaro, Jr. as well - The Good Phight
Financials aren't nailed down yet, but it appears confirmed that GM Ruben Amaro will be around to raise his nose at the Phillies faithful for several more years as well.

Facts about John Mayberry, Jr. - Crashburn Alley
With the fall of Domonic Brown, and if Ben Francisco crashes back to earth sooner rather than later, there may actually be a spot for John Mayberry, Jr. But in the mean time, did you know that after his first appearance home run against the Yankees, FOX cameras panned to some random black guy sporting Panama gear, and said it was John Mayberry, Sr? Nice.

At least there was a valid explanation for his sucking - Beerleaguer
If you haven't heard, broken hamate bone in his right hand. Surgery was successful, but rehab/recovery time is an estimated four weeks, essentially making him miss all of Spring Training. He is expected to stick around for extended Spring Training, and being assessed in AAA.

Hmm, sounds familiar - High Cheese
After he comes back from rehab, this right fielder has pretty much decided to ditch everything he was being coached to do. It obviously wasn't working, and he hurt himself as a result of it, so he's just going to "go back with what brought him here."

J-Roll, and free agency - Crashburn Alley
Crashburn Alley takes a look at Jimmy Rollins' walk-year, and what he should expect to be pursuing if he performs close to Derek Jeter-like, which shouldn't be that difficult, considering his age, but his trend of consecutive declining years come into play here.

Ben Francisco scratched with sore neck PANIC - High Cheese
With Dom Brown out of the way, the starting job looks all but unopposed. But wait, neck pain!

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