The Atlanta Braves All Time lineup team part#3

Part 2 of 9 of the Atlanta Braves All Time lineup team is complete. Yet again I am unable to close the poll, I think it is due to it being a SB Nation editors pick but I'm not so sure. So we will run this like an election and announce the projected winner. When I posted catchers I thought Javy would win but it would be a tight race. Well it started out that way then Brian McCann ran away with the votes to become our second member of the All Time lineup team. So far we will be trotting Greg Maddux out to the mound and McCann will be catching for him. Results go as follow and our subject to change and fluctuation but I think it is safe to say McCann is the projected winner.

1.) Brian McCann 73 votes 55%
2.) Javy Lopez 55 votes 41%
3.) Joe Torre 2 votes 1%
4.) Other 2 votes 1%
5.) Earl Williams 0 votes 0%
5.) Johnny Estrada 0 votes 0%

The 3rd part of the series features first baseman a position were we have had some solid guys but not to many great guys. It looks to be the weakest position in the poll so far and possibly throughout the entire series. It came down to the last spot which had a couple guys contend for including Chris Chambliss, Orlando Cepeda and Adam Laroche they were not included in the poll but you can vote for them using the "other" option. Here we go!


                                                                        AVG     OBP      SLG     OPS      HR      RBI          R


1.) Fred McGriff 5 years as a Brave                         .293     .369    .516     .885     130     446        383

2.) Ryan Klesko 8 years as a Brave                        .281    .361    .525     .886      139     450        374

3.) Joe Adcock 10 years as a Brave                        .285    .343    .511     .855      239     760        564

4.) Sid Bream 3 years as a Brave                            .258    .330    .417    .747       30      141          95

5.) Andres Galarraga 2 years a Brave                    .303     .384    .562     .946      72      221         170


There we have it the list of the Braves best first baseman of All TIme. Statistically speaking Bream should have missed the cut but I didn't want to be the guy who left Bream out. Be sure to vote and check back in a few days for Second Baseman!

* All stats are derived from the time the player spent as a Brave

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