The Atlanta Braves All Time lineup team part #2

Part 1 of the 9 part series of the Atlanta Braves All time lineup. Pitcher Greg maddux took an early lead and ran away with the voting winning 68% of the vote as of right now. It will not let me close the poll right now but Maddux is a sure lock and the number might fluctuate a little but with 132 votes he is our first member of the All time lineup team. The results as of right now are.

1.) Greg Maddux 132 votes 68% 1st place finisher
2.) John Smoltz 26 votes 13% tied for 2nd
3.) Warren Spahn 26 votes 13% tied for 2nd
4.) Tom Glavine 5 votes 2% 3rd place finisher
5.) Phil Niekro 3 votes 1% coming in at 5th place

Moving on now to the catchers. The first 4 were somewhat of an easy task to chose with the 5 spot offering the biggest challenge between Bruce Benedict and Earl Williams. Ultimately I went with Williams who spent fewer seasons with the Braves but had close to as many runs and RBI's as Benedict. Williams played multiple positions but the majority of his time was spent as a catcher. I also chose to put Brian McCann in the list despite him not having as much time as the other members but the numbers were heavily favored on his side. I will add a "other" option to this poll as some users wish I would have included Kid Nichols in the pitcher poll so you will have the chance to choose another option and voice your opinion on who ought to be included. Now time for the catchers!

                                                            BA      OBP     SLG     OPS    HR     RBI    RUNS

1.) Javy Lopez 12 years as a Brave,       .287     .337     .502     .839    214      694       508


2.) Brian McCann 6 years as a Brave,      .289     .360     .489     .849   112      466       326


3.) Joe Torre  9 years as a Brave,             .294      .356    .462     .818    142      552      470


4.) Johnny Estrada 3 years as a Brave,   . 291     .346    .409     .756     13        117        89


5.) Earl Williams 5 years as a Brave,        .251      .321   .437     .758     81        255      200

There you have it the top 5 catchers in Braves history as well as a other option for those who disagree be sure to vote and check back in a couple days for part 3 which will feature First Baseman.

* All stats are derived from the years each player spent as a Brave not their career numbers.

This FanPost does not express the views or opinions of Talking Chop.

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