From The Department Of I Hope This Braves Trade Rumor Is Not True

I've been operating on the assumption that the Braves were holding out for good value this off-season, not looking to trade tons of value for ... Jeff Francoeur part deux. A Baltimore-Sun beat writer for the Orioles passes along this trade proposal that was apparently turned down by Baltimore:

Adam Jones is the team’s best trade chip. But unless the Orioles get a front-line pitcher in return, I don’t see them dealing Jones. The Atlanta Braves made a run this month, offering second baseman-outfielder Martin Prado, starter Jair Jurrjens and, eventually, a pitching prospect, and the Orioles didn’t bite. So that tells you just how much they value their center fielder.

Thank goodness they value Adam Jones that much! What the heck were the Braves thinking offering that much (if indeed this report is accurate)?

Jeff Francoeur career OPS = .746
Adam Jones career OPS = .756

This is not the droid you are looking for ... not even close. I'm just beside myself that the Braves would consider trading both Prado and Jurrjens AND a pitching prospect for Jones. He's decent, but he's not that good.

And oh by the way, Martin Prado career OPS = .775 (and he can play third base where the Braves have a fragile 40-year ol... oh I give up). I really hope the Braves weren't actually offering this package. And if they were, Baltimore was stupid to turn it down.

UPDATE 3:15pm

Coming in off the ledge, we get this rumor shoot-down from Mark Bowman:

The Braves expressed interest in Adam Jones. But they did not offer Martin Prado and Jair Jurrjens to the Orioles in exchange for the outfielder. [...]

The source said the Braves were told Jones was unavailable when they asked about him a couple weeks ago. The Orioles later called the Braves to see if they would trade Prado, Jurrjens and two other “premium guys” in exchange for Jones.

The Braves said they were not interested and the two clubs have not had any recent discussions about these players.

That sounds more logical. MUCH more logical. I figured this was the case, but in the fog of this morning and the senselessness of the reported offer my exasperation overcame me. The Orioles are proving why they're a last place club. They should have traded Jones at this year's trade deadline when teams were lining up to give up good prospects for outfielders.

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