The Orioles, Really?

Here is a snippit of a rumor from Ken Rosenthal regarding the Atlanta Braves and Baltimore Orioles:

[...] the Orioles and Braves have discussed a deal that included both Jurrjens and Prado, sources say.

Just the other day I was just telling the SB Nation Orioles blogger at Camden Chat that I didn't think the Braves and O's matched up well in a trade. I figured that Baltimore would want players who would be around longer than two years before they hit free agency. And I didn't see any players (or prospects) on the O's that the Braves would trade Jair Jurrjens or Martin Prado for, save for maybe Adam Jones, but I thought him to be off-limits.

The rumor does simply say that the teams have discussed a deal, and we don't know how far those discussions went. This could have been one of the many discussions about players that the Braves had with clubs at the Winter Meetings last week. I'd take that Adam Jones fella, though.

UPDATE (1pm):

This rumor was shot down fairly quickly by Jon Heyman:


Jim Bowden has an even worser (possibly worserest) idea at ESPN Insider. Here is what he proposed (he was just spit-ballin ideas):

Trade 3. Atlanta Braves and Baltimore Orioles
Braves acquire: OF Adam Jones, 3B Josh Bell
Orioles acquire: RHP Jair Jurrjens, 3B/OF Martin Prado

In this four-player trade idea the Braves get a much-needed right-handed bat and above-average defender in Jones to help balance out the lineup and solidify their outfield. This could mean moving Michael Bourn to left and allowing Jones to play center. Bell would give the Braves depth at third base and an option for the future since Chipper Jones can't play forever. The Orioles would immediately improve their starting rotation with the 25-year-old Jurrjens, who went 13-6 last year with an ERA of 2.96 and a WHIP of 1.22. Prado would be an upgrade at third base for the Orioles in the short term or give them an option at second base if Brian Roberts continues to spend time on the disabled list.

I guess that's why he's no longer a General Manager. That trade would be horrible for the Braves. Twitter was blowing up with all the reasons Adam Jones isn't that great, and all of the ways he's just like Jeff Francoeur. The above trade, and possibly any trade for Adam Jones, would not be an upgrade over what the Braves already have on their team. Also, the O's radically overvalue Adam Jones.

I'm kind of glad we're moving on from this rumor.

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