Short Stop 2012

I just thought I'd set up a conversation about our SS situation. This isn't rosterbation (because all posts have to explain why they aren't rosterbation) because I am not talking about who we can add to the roster or something like that. I just want to explore the ins and outs of the thought process concerning the braves SS decisions for 2012. I'm going to go through some of my thoughts. The comments I am hoping for most would be on the thought process of the situation and the factors that should be considered. I've broken thoughts into bits mostly as opposed to writing an essay with a thesis.

Pastornicky has limited experience, and it's aggressive to bring him to the majors.

It would be ideal to have a bridge to him that could be a utility guy after Pastornicky comes up.

no such player exists - a mediocre bat at SS is a commodity as it is.

All he has to be is mediocre with the bat and he is better than what we could afford.

Especially if he is coming up in half a season.

If he doesn't come up ASAP, Simmons likely passes him, he becomes AAAA - cant be traded

If we bring him up, he succeeds, then we bring Simmons up, not only do we have one to trade or one to move to third, we also never paid for a veteran to hit as mediocre.

That said, Pastornicky, even if he struggles like Freeman did at the start of last year, is still going to be hitting league average for an 8-hitter or for SS - which is all we could possibly get. And Pastornicky brings some speed at the turnover of the lineup, and the ability to take a walk in front of the pitcher.

The other advantage he has is, he is relatively unscouted compared to today's season starting rookies like Jason Heyward. That means he may be able to tour the league for a good bit of the season before pitchers all know his weaknesses. If he is able to put up good numbers as long as this lasts, he still will have brought decent production for the first half of the season. At this time we can either bring in Simmons or trade for a SS having a good season on a noncontender.

I am just trying to look from all angles at what it is to pencil in Pastornicky. It is absolutely not the same as penciling in Freeman. There are definitely veterans out there that can hit better than mediocre and step in at first for a season, then even step back into a pinch hitting role. At first base there are real options. At SS, they're extremely limited and bitterly overpriced.

That's not to say the braves won't bring in a veteran utility man that can play SS, and who can force Pastornicky to compete for the job. I'm just saying Pastor-Nicky would have to really blow to do worse than a backup SS that can actually field the position well. We would muuuuuuuch rather be able to go for a guy with a playable bat and degenerating defense at SS.

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