Dr. StrangeGlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Rosterbate

Yes - the previous Rosterbation post is still active... so way did I feel the need to start another one?  Lots of reasons based on recent newsy items:

"Wait - yeah, they're still watching us."  Seabass and Odarp: Walking off into a Braves' sunset?

1.  The Braves are openly saying that they are listening to offers for Jurrjens and Prado.

2.  The Braves are increasing payroll for 2012.  I already believe they had some cash to spend before that announcement and the Lowe trade added $5m more.  If Prado and JJ are ultimately dealt, this saves $3.1m and $3.25m from the 2011 payroll - never mind their expected increases via arbitration.  And, of course, the Braves would have to fill those positions.

3.  The non-Super-2 status of any player for 2012 Arbitration has implications.

4.  New rumors are flying about concering a number of current Free Agents

5.  A new Cuban defector of significant note (Yoenis Cespedes) is out there.  As of this writing, the Marlins are supposedly the front-runners for him, though the Yankees have high interest... and so do a number of other teams.

6.  Many of the comments on that prior thread are simply no longer applicable, having been overcome by events.  And there's only 3 days to go on it...So why not start afresh and see how this goes?

7.  Hey!  The World Series is over, the season is over,... my mourning over September, pretty much over.  It's indeed time to stop worrying and embrace the changes this off-season will likely bring to the Braves roster.

While pitching is still going to be an issue this off-season (primarily with bullpen holes to fill - Linebrink, Sherrill, possibly Moylan), Atlanta usually waits on these slots until later.  That leaves us with finding an outfield upgrade, shortstop, and utility infielder.

To kick things off, please refer to the following chart of outfielders.  I list all of these guys for two reasons:  (1) for complete comparison purposes; and (2) because both Free Agent and Trade routes may be available in our quest for upgrading the position.  Hopefully the image download bandwidth limits survive this thread.  All data obtained via fangraphs.

Click here to embiggen the chart for slightly easier reading. You'll have to click-through a second time... hopefully that will also help that bandwidth thing.

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