Bullpen and Bullpen Theory

Two things:

1) Braves Bull Pen

2) Bull Pen Theory

Many of yall on here could explain a lot about what goes into a Bull Pen, and I'm hoping you will. My knowledge is limited. 

This is the Braves Bull Pen last year and what it might project as next year

Kimbrel Kimbrel

Venters Venters

Oflahrity Oflahrity

Linebrink ? Right hander that can pitch to both sides? w good splits against righties?

Sherrill Medlen (Loogy/can pitch to both sides)

Moylan Lowe (GB specialist/long)

Martinez Martinez (long)

(coming up in spurts) 







So what will be interesting, is if we do move Lowe to the pen, then we will have three guys suited to be long relievers: Martinez, Lowe, Medlen. My guess is that Lowe will become more of a ground ball specialist, Medlen will become more of a one inning middle reliever, and Martinez will remain the rubber arm long man. These things will have to play out based on performance though of course, and a trade could be made. 
Here's a primary question, what is most lacking with these six pitchers? What are we looking for in the 7th? Hoover has to be added to the mix as well. If he is as durable as I want to believe, as a right handed power reliever he has to be a top candidate. 
My feeling on Vizcaino is that we have so many options and he has so much potential that it would be absurd to have him start the season in the pen and not in the AAA rotation. 
So who else of our pitchers suit our needs best? Obv. there will be a competition for the spot in the spring, but who has the tools to be the guy we want to perform and take that role? 
Here is another question - I have lots about the bullpen, I think it's awesome to think about, especially this off season: We have some real quality arms, more than can fit in the bullpen, what are the chances we pull them up and involve them in a trade? Look at how valuable Dunn was in a trade, and we have several guys that would be sure things in numerous major league pens. Another year in the minors though and they're going to get less and less valuable. 
I hope I kicked up a lot of thought and ideas, I'd love to have a thread where we just talk bullpen 

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