Bad Contracts...

Many are pondering the ever popular Rosterbation scheme of swapping our crap for someone's else's crap.  We've seen it with McLouth and Kawakami basically every offseason they were  Braves.  We've seen it with Derek Lowe after '09 (not in '10's offseason because he pitched above his head for a frickin' month making almost all believe he's back to form).  Well, this offseason, we once again are fantasizing Derek Lowe's departure by taking on a bad contract.  Here is an extensive list of all players deemed under poor contracts (which, in their minds, are actually quite good contracts).

*Some on the list might not be considered poor contracts per se' , but are players coming off a horribly bad year and are owed lots of money. Some numbers might be a bit off so feel free to comment in the thread if so.


A.J. Burnett: 2yrs/33 million

Rafael Soriano: 2yrs/25 million

Fernando Rodney:  1 yr/5.5 million

Brett Myers: 1yr/11 million (with 3 million buyout in 2013 or guaranteed 10 million performance based)

Carlos Zambrano: 1yr/19 million ( YIKES)

Chad Billingsley:  2yrs/35 million ('15 club option)

Barry Zito:  2yrs/46million (option in '15 that will be declined)

Ricky Nolasco: 2yrs/20.5 million

Johan Santana: 2yrs/55 million ('14 option/buyout)

Bronson Arroyo: 2yrs/23.5 million

Daisuke Matsuzaka: 1yr/10.3 million

Jake Peavy: 1yr/22 million

John Lackey: 3yrs/48 million



Joe Mauer: 5yrs/112 million


1B/3B/DH/Utility types

Kevin Youkilis (borderline bad contract due to inability to stay healthy): 1yr/13.25 million

Ryan Howard:  5yrs/115 million

Justin Morneau: 2yrs/30 million

Adam Dunn:  3yrs:44 million

Juan Uribe: 2yrs/16 million

Travis Hafner: 1yr/15.75 million

Chone Figgins: 2yrs/18 million


Second Basemen

Freddy Sanchez: 1yr/6 million

Brian Roberts: 2yrs/20 million



Derek Jeter: 2yrs/36 million

Hanley Ramirez: 3yrs/46.5 million



Ichiro Suzuki: 1yr/18 million

Jason Bay: 2 yrs/39.25 million ('14 option that will be declined)

Nick Markakis: 3ys/43 million

Carl Crawford: 6yrs/127 million

Alex Rios: 3yrs/39.5 million

Vernon Wells:  3yrs/73 million

Torii Hunter:  1yr/18 million

Bobby Abreu (borderline bad contract): 1/9 million

Carlos Lee:  2yrs/38 million

Alfonso Soriano:  3yrs/57 million (YIKES!)

Jayson Werth: 6yrs/121 million

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