Live Blogging The MiLB Top-50 Prospects

There should be at least two Braves prospects in the top-50 Minor League prospects that will be released live on the MLB Network tonight at 9pm. Julio Teheran and Freddie Freeman are bound to be in the top half of the prospect list, but it will be interesting to find out if Randall Delgado and/or Arodys Vizcaino make the list. If they were to do a top-100, we may see Matt Lipka crack that list, could he crack a top-50?

Use this thread as an open thread to discuss the list and the rankings. I'll update the post as the night goes on.

[8:52pm] Just saw the top-50 promo, they listed several prospects, but not Freeman. He's just about the only one with a guaranteed job. What gives? Also, forgot to mention that Craig Kimbrel is still a rookie prospect. I wonder if we'll see him in the top-50.

[9:05pm] Mike Minor is also still a rookie, so I wonder if he'll make the list. No Braves in the bottom 10.

[9:15pm] Freeman says he listens to opera music in the opener to the second segment. No Braves from prospects 50 to 33. I'm starting to think we're just going to have two guys in there.

[9:18pm] Wow, no Braves up through number-27.

[9:23pm] Mike Minor comes in at 21. Good showing by Minor.

[9:27pm] Freeman slots at number 17, another high ranking for a Braves prospect. I fear they're going to leave Randall Delgado off the list. He should punish the league with his dominating stuff for leaving him off.

[9:32pm] John Hart spotlights Freeman, calling him a hitter who uses the entire field and doesn't strike out a lot. Also a plus defender. Mayo says that the 35 doubles hit in triple-A will turn into homers.

[9:35pm] WOW! They list Teheran at 10. That's kind of low in my opinion.

[9:40pm] They're pronouncing his name like Tay-hey-ron. Mayo pronounces it right: Teron, like the Iranian capitol.

[9:52pm] So we get three Braves in the top-50. I was thinking Delgado would make it in there, and he probably should have. I'll settle for three, as those three guys are pretty good. We'll have to see how the Baseball America top-100 turns out, but I'm guessing there will be at least six Braves prospects in there, and they'll rank Teheran in the top-5.

John Sickels does seperate top-50 hitters and top-50 pitchers lists for people who buy his book. He has Freeman at 8, Lipka at 48 on the hitters list, and Teheran at 3, Minor at 15, Delgado at 26, Kimbrel at 28 on the pitchers list.

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