Braves vs. Marlins Series Recap: There's No "I" In Bobby

It's funny because it's true.

So, for the second straight series that I've covered for TC, the Braves swept their opponent. And it's not like they've been playing well the rest of the time, either: the Braves were 1-5 in between those two series and 7-14 in September games that I did not cover. 

Still, I can't take the credit. If there's one thing I've learned from watching Bobby Cox's teams all these years, it's that no one person is solely responsible for the team's success (not even me!). The sweep of the Marlins was a team effort, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just glad they're playing well when I do the recaps; it makes my job a lot more fun. At any rate, I hope the Braves can manage to keep this current mini-hot streak going into October (preferably late October).

OK, Here are the links to the TC recaps of the Marlins series, in case you missed them:

Game 1: Braves win 2-1
Game 2: Braves win 3-2
Game 3: Braves win 5-1

The Awards section is after the jump. Go Braves!


Braves' Pitching MVPs
Everyone. Literally every Brave who pitched had a positive WPA in the series. I guess that happens a lot when you only give up 4 runs in 3 games. Here's the Braves' combined line for all starters and all relievers:
Starters -- 19.1 IP, 3 R, 19 H, 0 HR, 5 BB (1 IBB), 16 K, 35/58 ground balls (60%), and a 0.511 WPA
Relievers -- 9.2 IP, 1 R, 5 H, 1 HR, 2 BB, 16 K, and a 0.773 WPA (wow!)

Braves' Hitting MVPs
Brooks Conrad -- 3/9, 2B, 3B, HR, 2 R, 4 RBI, 2K, 0.427 WPA
Eric Hinske -- 2/2, BB, HR, R, 3 RBI, 0.396 WPA
Omar Infante -- 3/13, 2 BB, RBI, SB, K, 0.181 WPA
David Ross -- 3/4, 3 2B, R, RBI, 0.210 WPA
Melky Cabrera -- 3/7, BB, R, K, 0.130 WPA

Marlins' Pitching MVP
Alex Sanabia -- 7 IP, 1 R, 5 H, 1 HR, 0 BB, 5 K, 0.172 WPA

Marlins' Hitting MVPs
Mike Stanton -- 6/12, R, RBI, SB, 2 K, 0.089 WPA
Emilio Bonifacio -- 3/12, 3 BB, 2 SB, 4 K, 0.099 WPA
(You read that right; Melky Cabrera had a greater positive impact on this series than any Marlin hitter.)

Braves' Clutchiest Plays
Omar Infante's walkoff single in game 1 (0.371 WPA)
Eric Hinske's go-ahead homer in game 2 (0.313 WPA)
Brooks Conrad's tying triple in game 2 (0.308 WPA)
Conrad's 3-run homer in game 3 (0.211 WPA)

Marlins' Clutchiest Play
Brad Davis' game-tying double in game 1 (0.261 WPA)



Braves' Pitching LVP
Nobody (see above)

Braves' Hitting LVPs
Alex Gonzalez -- 0/11, 0 BB, 2 sac bunts, 0 R, 0 RBI, 2 K, -0.363 WPA (ouch)
Derrek Lee -- 2/10, 3 BB, 2 2B, 1 R, 0 RBI, 5 K, -0.193 WPA
Jason Heyward -- 2/11, 3 BB, 0 R, 0 RBI, 2 K, -0.157 WPA

Marlins' Pitching LVPs
Andrew Miller -- 3 IP, 4 R, 4 H, 1 HR, 4 BB, 2 K, -0.250 WPA
Jose Veras -- 1.2 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 2 BB, 2 K, -0.250 WPA

Marlins' Hitting LVPs
Gaby Sanchez -- 0/12, 0 BB, 0 R, 0 RBI, 2 K, GIDP, -0.435 WPA (yowza)
Logan Morrison -- 1/13, 1 BB, 0 R, 0 RBI, 5 K, -0.408 WPA (double yowza)


I thought it'd be worthwhile to quickly break down our various ways of making the playoffs:

Clinch Wild Card:
Win all 3 vs. PHI
Win 2/3 vs. PHI
Win 1/3 vs. PHI & SD loses 2/4 remaining games
Win 1/3 vs. PHI & SF loses 4/4 remaining games
SD loses 3 or 4 of its 4 remaining games

Clinch Tie For Wild Card (the tie-breaking game would be in Atlanta):
Win 1/3 vs. PHI & SD loses 1/4 remaining games
Win 1/3 vs. PHI & SF loses 3/4 remaining games
SD loses 2/4 remaining games
SF loses 4/4 remaining games

In other words, let's not mess around. Win 2/3 vs. the Phillies and we're in. Considering that all 3 games will sell out, we'll miss both the Roys, and they'll likely be resting some of their regulars, we'll have no excuses if we don't win that series.

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