It might stink right now but....


Dear fellow Braves fans,

Please tell me we are all not giving up on the Braves now, when they need us the most?  I know it may seem like it stinks right now, but who is to say that this will all not change?

Let me start by saying that this Braves team have been one of the most exciting and satisfying teams I have seen in a long time.  Yes I know it may not seem like it right now, but I truly believe this will change, starting in New York this weekend.  I do believe though that this day-off came at a perfect and I will explain my reasons below.  But let me get to my point I am trying to make with this post.

We were blessed in the 90s and early 2000s with teams that were basically unstoppable during the season.  Yet when it came playoff time, we looked like crap.  During the last 5 playoff appearances the braves were in, how many times were we one series and done.  If I remember correctly, it was all five, (correct me if I am wrong, please).  During those 5 postseason appearances, we went into the playoffs coasting because no one could even touch us in the national league east.  No one could compared to the offense and pitching we had.  My point is would you rather have a team resting their players the last few weeks of the season gearing up for the playoffs or would you rather have them fighting to the bitter end and playing out of their minds entering the postseason?  I for one would choose the later. 

Too many times I saw us wrap up the division with two weeks remaining and then we forgot to show up in the first round of the playoffs.  Even though this is not the position we all wanted the Braves to be in at this point, what better time would it be for the Braves to go on a tear the last two weeks of the season and enter the playoffs with a full head of steam?  Look at the years past with the Phillies, they have been down and out against the Mets and what did they do?  They got hot and steamrolled into and through the playoffs all the way to the world series.  Now I am not going to sit here and compare our offense with the Phillies.  Yet, I believe our pitching is just as good and our offense is good enough.  It has been good to get us where we are now, so why give up on it now. 

The Braves for as long as I remember have always been a team about pitching and little offense.  I mean come on, we won our first World Series title in a 1-0 game!!  So if our pitching comes back around like I know it will and throws the ball like we have seen all year we should have no problem going on a hot streak and steamrolling into the playoffs.

So to end my point, lets all cheer this weekend in NY and get behind our Braves like we have all year.  This is a team of never say die attitudes, comeback wins and last at bat wins.  They have given us all something to cheer about this whole season, so who is to say that they wont give us more to cheer about the last 15 games of the year and beyond. 

In the words of Greg Maddux: "Lets beat up on the Mets like old times."

Let go Bravos and Lets all BELIEVE!!!!!!!! 

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