From Hating to making sense

I Was just catching up on my TC reading after returning from Atlanta today after seeing Saturday's extra inning madness and the first thing I saw was there had been no fan posts in a couple of days. I thought HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. A mystery needing solving?

I wondered if EricGregsbeenpaidoff''s post lambasting anybody presenting anything negative, which he covered just about everything, (with the exception of possibly the WTF performaces some of our top starters are starting to turn in)  had turned everyone into weenie men/women non bloggers?

I can not help but be alarmed at do any of us no life, beer guzzuling, hasbeens releave our burdened souls?

So, with that in mind my question is....I wonder if our latest (suspected) slump is due to the over usage of our arms (starting or Bullpen) or is it the possibility of inexperience? Only two of our starters with the exception of Lowe and Hudson have been in a pennant race (and two in the Bullpen) is it starting to rattle our young ones when they see Lowe, who up to his last decent start had to take time off for arm/elbow soreness and the #1 starter start to serve up outfield souvi-balls adding run counts up to numbers that make even Conrad want to stay on the bench....but....

Now, I am not going to run to the hills shouting "The sky is falling", (and after watching Big Reds Saturday's effort restored my partial sanity) but I can not help but wondering if there is a problem...... on how the pitches are being Pujoes 2nddigger tonight... going inside to him with high heat does not work with him unless you are  clocking the gun at 97 plus....Tim still had his sinker going...he missed getting the call on one earlier...why give up on it to a person that you want to keep on the ground? Anyway, I am going to call out McCann's name on this one...and to say I am not so happy with his dropping % of throwing out base runners is not going to factor because the chain of events of them being out there seems directly related to the "E"s that are starting to creep up at 3rd and 2nd.

Last but not least how are we the armchair mgrs going to fill our line up card out when EricGreg comes up with....
........"We need to start leveraging Conrad for 4 runs per game. Every time the bases get loaded, as they inevitably do, pinch hit Conrad for whoever is coming to the plate. Those 4 runs are more important than whichever player gets removed".
 note; also add to this that Nate "the Achybreak (as in heart?) kid, Mclouth is pushing to be moved up in the order I hope that someone will venture to give a suggestion of how this might work....

Well, there you have it..again beware of the negative police they may bash you with a thousand tongue lashing comments...hopefully some other brave soul will venture a post. As it is with surviving a bear attack....You don't have to be faster than the bear just faster than your fellow "blogger" that is running with you...

enjoy...and of course GO BRAVES!

..hee hee 

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