Favorite Non-Braves

Side Note: I didn't know weather to put this as an OT or not so don't be upset if this should be OT

Anyways during last nights game I was watching RA Dickey and that awesome beard throw a solid game against our Bravos. I love Knuckleballers and especially RA Dickey. Dickey not only throws a 78 MPH Knuckler, but also throws a mid 80's fastball, which is rather incredible for a Knuckleballer. And that beard is one of a kind, I think it is close to the best facial hair in baseball.

That being said I realized Dickey is one of my favorite Non-Braves and then I thought about the others here they are:

- Jayson Werth OF, Phillies- I love his rocket arm and he is a really good hitter, who can hit to all fields effectively. He also has speed, although its not Carl Crawford speed, it is about 20 SB per year speed. Also I can't leave out he, like Dickey, has an awesome beard when he grows it out. You know I really like you if your one of my favorite Non-Braves and your on a division rival(same with Dickey)

- Rick Porcello SP, Tigers- Great young pitcher with a lively arm. After an awesome rookie season at only age 20 he struggled this year and was sent to the minors. Since coming back up from the minors he has been much better. BUT what really puts this guy on the list is when he dropped Kevin Youkalis(likely my least favorite player) after Youk charged the mound after being HBP.

- Andrew McCutchen OF, Pirates- Whats not to like? He is FAST and has a really nice bat. He can eventually become a 30/30 kind of guy. He has some great dreadlocks too. I love how some Braves fans here thought we could actually trade for Cutch at the deadline... Pittsburgh FO maybe be dumb but I think they realize what they got in Cutch and he is absolutly a player to build a team around

- Clayton Kershaw SP, Dodgers- I absolutly love watching this guy pitch. He has a really cool delivery and come at the batters with mid-high 90's fastball followed by a top 5 MLB curveball in my opinion. If Kershaw stays healthy I fully expect him to be a CY Young candidate for many years

Now that you've seen my favorite Non-Braves who are your favorites?

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