Batting Crown for Omar Infante...?

With the role of the Brave's singles machine Omar Infante increasing this year and substantially as of late, he has positioned himself for a run at the National League batting crown. With continued excellent performance through September his chances of taking home the hardware are more than realistic.

We know he needs 502 plate appearances to qualify for the title. He has 360 PA's and 337AB's right now, needing 142PA's in the remaining 32 games. Roughly 4.4 a game. With September call ups and obvious days off he's not gonna get that number. The rule for the title is if you lack the 502, the spread between your PA's and 502, what ever number that is, are counted as PA's like a ground out or fly out towards your average for the title.


 1) With 4PA's a game for the 32 games left on the schedule, that's 128 additional plate appearances. That's a total of 488PA's, 14 short of the 502 needed.

2) Omar's walked 5.5% of the time this season, that's another 7 walks on top of his 19 so far this season, well give him 8 because he's an All-Star. 4PA's per game, 32 games, 128PA's*5.5% is 8 more walks and 120AB's.

3) He hits .300 the rest of the year, (a low assumption I feel) 120AB's equates to 36 more hits. 115 hits so far this season plus another 36 is 151 hits for the year. Not too bad considering he's only played in 102 of our 130 games and came off the bench numerous times for the first half of the season.

So, with 337 AB's so far and 120 to come, means he'll have 457 total AB's this year. With 151hits and 457 AB's, that's an average of .3304. This is his actual batting average with the assumed .300 average and 4 PA's the rest of the way. Remember though he's short of the 502 needed to qualify by 14. So we add the 14 to his season AB total, 14+457= 471. His hit total of 151/471=.3206 average computed for batting title qualification.

The league leader is at .326, followed by .325 and Pujol's at .320 as of today (Martin Prado is 4th with a .316 average, so don't count him out either). With my assumptions of average and plate appearances being on the low side, Omar has a very realistic chance at his first batting title and the Braves' first since Chipper wore the crown in 2008.

Further analysis...

If he hits above .300 for the rest of the year his chances increase substantially...

.310, gives him 153 hits, 153/472=.3242
.320, 154/471=.327
.330, 155/471=.329
.340, 156/471=.331
.350, 157/471=.333

With the current leaders between .320 and .326, and depending on how Omar performs down the stretch... the chances of our All-Star utility/bench man winning the batting title are more than good... I'll just say I'd have no problem taking that bet. Go Braves!

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