Minor Leaguers that should be dealt with some time soon...

This post is to help list and discuss some minor leaguers that have been here a while and need to be dealt with sometime soon or just be released. If these guys don't have a chance (even in Spring Training) we need to let them go and get someone else to play around with. This is my list, I'm not saying they're bad or anything (even if they don't have good numbers), it's just that they've stayed in the minors a long time and it doesn't look like anything's gonna happen, even if they are moving up. This is a top 10 list, with no. 1 being the most annoying lingering minor leaguer that should be dealt with. Again, not trying to say these guys are bad or anything.

10. Tim Gustafson 2010 Minors: 11-8/5.07 ERA/.296 BAA/59 BB/59 SO/104 IP. This guy's been with us since 2007. Although he's moved from Rome to Gulf Coast to Rome to Myrtle Beach to Mississippi to Gwinnett back to Mississippi. A 1-1 BB to SO ratio is not good at all, especially when that goes along with a .296 average against him helps create the 5.00 ERA. I don't see any future with the Braves for him, and it's time he gets packing.

9. Clint Sammons 2010 Minors: .160/3 HRs/17 RBI. Clint has wasted his time (if only he knew we would have locked up Ross for 3 more years). The only time we'll call him up is in the September roster-expansion. There's no way he's coming up, and for that matter we'll take care of J.C. Boscan and put him in no. 9 with Sammons.

8. James Parr 2010 Minors: 2-5/5.16 ERA/.305 BAA. Parr was once a promising pitcher who threw a good major league debut in '08, but hasn't had the luck of being called up since. He has pitched a little in '09, but he has been put behind Jo-Jo Reyes and other promising prospects, including Kimbrel, Marek, Teheran, and Minor. Now that Jo-Jo Reyes is gone, if Parr straightens up he may get another chance to pitch, but not right now.

7. Luis Sumoza 2010 Minors: .228/2 HRs/18 RBIs/6-9 SB. We traded Mark Kotsay for this minor leaguer, and it hasn't worked out. While Kotsay went on to play with Boston and Chicago in the outfield and first base, Sumoza has been stuck at Single-A. He's a good runner, but still needs work with it. That trade has not worked out for us, and he's been lagging in just about everything, despite the fact that he's better in contact, not power. I believe he should just be let go of completely.

6. David Francis 2010 Minors: 2-3/4.24 ERA/.300 BAA/0-3 in Saves. He threw a no-hitter in Danville. Was even voted the best Short-Season Single Game Performance by But since then, not much has come of him. Since his 5-3/2.53 ERA year in Danville in '08, he's had an ERA over 4.00 over the time span which he continuously and unnecessarily move up through the teams. He still has a chance in the next decade, but it's deminishing by the second.

5. Todd Redmond 2010 Minors: 9-10/4.38 ERA/.250 BAA. I know you'll hate me for this one, saying "he's thrown a no-hitter." Wow. It's amazing that he's done this, but he still has an ERA over 4. His no-hitter was like Johnathan Sanchez's no-hitter, it was a good performance but one of the few you'll see, like an up-and-down pitcher, just like Sanchez. He really excelled in AA 2 years ago as a 13-game winner, and I know you'll hate me for this one, but I will be pisssed off if he isn't called up in September along with Freeman and Sammons. For him, Gwinnett has been his major league so far, but I'm confident that he has a veeeery good future.

4. Vladimir Nunez 2010 Minors: 0-1/4.18 ERA/.290 BAA/53 H/47.1 IP. Nunez has been with us since 08. He came up and pitched 32.2 innings for the Braves with a 3.86 ERA. That's pretty good for a middle-season callup. But in 09, he only threw 1 inning and gave up 4 runs. The situation with him is that he's been excelling in AA and AAA, but isn't as good in The Show. Nunez would be a good setup man for us one day if he stops lagging in Gwinnett this year. I believe the Braves do have a spot for him one day, though.

3. Wes Timmons 2010 Minors: .295/6 HRs/43 RBI/19-27 SB. I don't need to say anything. There's a post somewhere around here about why Wes Timmons isn't a Brave and additional 3B options.

2. Kenshin Kawakami 2010 Minors: 0-1/2.79 ERA/.293 BAA/12 H/9.2 IP. Yeah, he's a great pitcher and all, but on the wrong team. His ERA last year was above what I expected. This year was mostly his fault. Yeah, he didn't get any run support. Yeah, Chipper saved his life and kept him from cussing out the bullpen in the Detroit game. But he gave up about 4 and a half runs per nine innings. He did that to himself.

1. Jordan Freakin' Schafer 2010 Minors: .201/1 HR/14 RBI/12-22 SB. Don't need to say anything. Just release him. I bet this is the only list where he is a #1. The Braves have essentially gave up on him, just like KK.

Neutral-Honorable Mentions: Cody Johnson, Cory Gearrin, Cole Rohrbough, Scott Diamond, Kyle Cofield, Zeke Spruill.

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