Which washed up player from the 2002 world champion Angels will Frank Wren acquire for 2011?

Every year of Frank Wren's tenure as the Atlanta Braves general manager he has added one player from the 2002 Angels.  Wren signed Scott Spezio in 2008 but he didn't make it out of spring training.  For 2009 he signed defensive wizard Garrett Anderson and 2010's Angel is the human mountain Troy Glaus.


Let's take a look at the remaining world champion Angels who are still active major league baseball players.

Benjie Molina & Jose Molina - We have the best offensive starting catcher and backup catcher in all of baseball.  No need for a Molina, barring some sort of tragic catastrophe.

Adam Kennedy - He has started about half of the Nats games this season.  He had a decent year with Oakland in 2009, but he isn't much more than a backup infielder.  He played a decent second base five years ago but he is about exactly average now.

David Eckstein - Eckstein is the kind of player with those intangibles that just can't be quantified by statistics.  Otherwise, he wouldn't have a job.  Because his stats suck.  Haha i kid.  Eckstein was never a good shortstop, statistically, but he is a decent second baseman.   Wouldn't be a bad bench dog, plus he has a big heart --  A condition he sees a cardiologist for regularly .

Scott Schoeneweis - He has made 60 appearances over the past two seasons with Arizona and Boston.  He sports an ERA over 7.00 with both teams.

Brendan Donnelly - He was pretty good with Florida in 2009, posting a 1.78 ERA and 1.224 WHIP in 25.1 IP.  He stuck out 25 and walked 9.  He hasn't been as fortunate in 2010 with the Pirates.  In 30.2 IP he has a 5.58 ERA and a 1.663 WHIP.

Scot Shields - The only Angel remaining with the organization, Shields is having another down campaign.  He sports a 5.90 ERA in 39.2 IP with a 1.891 WHIP and 35 Ks and 32 BBs.

Francisco Rodriguez - The Mets closer obviously wouldn't be available to the Braves in a trade, and we wouldn't have much reason to acquire an expensive closer with Venters, Kimbrel and Marek waiting in the wings. 

John Lackey - As far as overpaid starters go, Lackey is pretty overpaid.  The Braves have enough payroll locked up in their rotation already.  If we are going to acquire another bad contract, it'll belong to a position player. 

Chone Figgins - He hardly counts as a 2002 champion Angel, as he made zero plate appearances in the world series.  He was used as a pinch runner in three games, scoring one run.  Although struggling with the Mariners in 2010, Figgins was one of the top table setters in the American League for most of the past decade, leading the league in walks in 2009. 


Former Angels who played in 2009

Jarrod Washburn - He couldn't find a job for 2010.  He was good for Seattle in 2009 but was horrendous after being traded to Detroit.

Troy Percival - He was awesome for the Rays in 2007, but since then, not so much.  He was a guest coach for the Angels in spring training this year and it looks like he has a bright future ahead of him as a pitching coach.   I wonder how many teams have had two players named Troy?   Weird.  They also had two players named Benjie.

Darin Erstad - Erstad retired in June after having a hard time finding a job.  He posted a Francoeuresque .597 OPS in 2009.






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